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The Bachelorette Recap: No Compromise – Three Guys and an Egg Hit The Bricks!

May 28, 2012 07:06 PM by Candace Young

Last week on The Bachelorette, Emily sent Joe Gendreau packing during the one-on-one date, and Aaron and Kyle followed during the Rose Ceremony. This week viewers have been promised some Memorial Day fireworks. Keep reading for highlights…

Chris Harrison rounds up the remaining 16 bachelors and gives them the first date card – it’s for Chris, the overly-determined guy from last week. He declares that he’ll be devastated if he doesn’t get a rose. Please.

They walk the streets of downtown Charlotte to start out. She’s taking him to dinner at a tall building – and as ropes drop down, he realizes they’ll be scaling it to the top. They harness up and start climbing. Halfway up, it’s getting windy, and a thunder and lightening storm approaches. Emily starts cursing in that oh, so, sweet voice. Of course, Chris is a miraculous calming force and they make it to the top. Chris, who was hoping to share a kiss on the way up, gets a high five instead.

Emily tells Chris if she saw him across the bar she’d be too nervous to talk to him. I don’t believe her for a minute. She grills him about his last relationship – turns out it began in high school and lasted about five years – he’s only 25 years old. Chris works to convince her he’s mature enough to take on family life. He’s so boring, she ends up feeling like he’s older than her. She gives him the rose and they go see Luke Bryan perform in downtown Charlotte.  They dance as Luke sings, “Girl you make my speakers go boom, boom…” Chris asks to kiss her. Awkward peck. She feels like it’s just the two of them even though there are loads of gawkers.

Back at the house, Tony speaks to his young son by phone and hopes for a date this week, so he can figure out what’s up with him and Emily. He finds out he’s on the group date.

Emily greets the group date guys with a football and a decent amount of cleavage. Ryan thinks he’s got the upper hand since he’s had a one-on-one date and immediately starts joking around with her. She takes off. On the other side of the hill, Emily’s girlfriends are waiting. She sets them loose on the group date boys. The ladies are anxious to get grilling. Doug, the bachelor with the violent past, deems it a train-wreck. It’s a no-brainer for Tony, who is a father and answers their questions easily. Ryan is also very confident and they marvel at his push-ups. The egg guy grosses them out.  Sean impresses them – they call him a genetic gift to the world.

Later, Ryan slips up by essentially telling Em if they were together and she got fat, he’d still love her, but wouldn’t love on her as much! He has no idea he’s screwed up and is totally confident.

That night, Emily reveals that Sean and Doug – the guy with the violent past – made the best impression on her friends. Dumb friends.

Sean spends some time with Emily and does amazing. I think I’m falling in love. Doug also spends time with Emily, and tells her how his mom left, his dad died, and he and his sister ended up in foster homes. Emily can’t believe he came out of all that as the least angry person she knows. Hmm.

Tony and Emily chat and he gets choked up about missing his five year-old son. Aw. He ends up having a heart-to-heart with Doug, who tries to give him a pep talk. Tony calls his son again and sobs afterward. Emily finds him like that and lets him off the hook by sending him home. Emily returns to the other guys, fills them in, and gives Sean the rose.

Arie gets the final one-on-one date. Chris is confident that Arie will not have the same connection with Emily that he had. Sigh. Emily says she’s really built up ‘good-looking Arie’ in her mind. I see a slightly slobby pale guy. Okay, moving on. They go to Dollywood, where Emily rides a rollercoaster for the first time and has to hold Arie’s hand tight – of course.

They visit the soundstage where Dolly herself surprises them! She sings them a song and indulges in some girl talk with Emily, who thinks it’s crazy that Dolly even knows she exists on this planet. A genuine Emily moment.

Emily goes into dinner being totally in love with Dolly and anxious to learn more about Arie. He tells her about a past relationship that ended unexpectedly and assures her he is ready for kids. Arie grills Emily on how she feels about him being a race car driver like her late husband, and being so busy. Emily reassures him, and then pretends she’s not going to give him the rose. His face falls. She cracks and gives it to him, apologizing for goofing on him. They do some kissing afterward.

The next night, after Ricki douses Emily in perfume, she heads to the cocktail party. Kalan is the first one to get alone time. He uses it to complain about not getting a date this week – has he watched previous seasons? This always makes you look like an impatient ass. Emily tries to converse with him, but he asks her to let him finish speaking. Emily thinks he’s tall, skinny, and condescending. The guy with the ostrich egg, Travis, gets time next and lets Emily smash the egg. They look at the yolk on the walkway and muse, “Poor Shelly.”

The guy with eighth-grader hair, Alessandro, royally mucks up during the cocktail party by telling Emily being a father would be a compromise. Yikes. She sends him home immediately! See ya! Arie comforts her with a kiss, which pisses the other guys off to no end.

Sean gets Emily alone and makes a pitch for Ricki being his daughter if they ever got married. So sweet, but I worry it’s too much, too soon. Slow down, buddy!

Rose Ceremony

Chris, Sean, and Arie are safe. Emily offers roses to Jef, Charlie, Doug, Michael, Travis, Alejandro, Ryan, John, Kalan, and Nate. Stevie is going home. He goes quietly and without drama.

Next week, The Bachelorette and her men are off to Bermuda.

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