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America’s Got Talent Recap: St. Louis Brought The Freaks, Geeks, And Death Defying Feats

May 29, 2012 08:18 PM by Lisa Princ

After last night’s auditions on America’s Got Talent on NBC, that seemed to be missing the talent, most of us were wondering whether or not there would be any talent in St. Louis. Luckily for us, the hopefuls and the judges did not disappoint! Read on for the highlights!

Tonight on America’s Got Talent, the auditions took us to St. Louis, and thankfully, there was plenty of entertainment tonight! We certainly saw our fair share of freaks and weirdos tonight, including a 60-something-year-old puppeteer. Creeped out yet? Yeah, there was nothing creepy about this act, but dude proved to be a freak, I mean, this guy was so ridiculously boring with his awful puppets. We’re talking animals made out of paper and cardboard with some slinkies thrown in – being moved around by his hands. At the very least it took us all back to our kindergarten days.

And the strange acts did not stop there, as we also saw one group perform that I could barely even watch. The trio came out and one of them walked all over broken glass, while the second clipped a chair to his eyelids and lifted the chair up. Meanwhile, the third contestant shoved a sword down his throat. Despite the gross act, the group got two out of three yes’s, and I am sure I don’t have to tell you who voted no now do I?

Some of the good acts consisted of a 6-year-old singer, who reaked of a larger than life personality, he was absolutely adorable. We also watched a hip-hop violinist who was very impressive, along with some more cloggers, singers, and dancers. We also watched as Sharon Osbourne was serenaded by “Little Ozzy,” aka a midget impersonator. He was funny to watch, but he was a no go for Vegas.

And then there was the death defying feat. Spencer Horsman came out donning a straight jacket, and of course, we were all left wondering what the heck he was going to do. Well, this brainiac decided to suspend himself between what appeared to be a huge steel claw. The claw was held open by a rope, which was then set on fire. You see where I am going with this don’t you?

Luckily for Spencer, and everyone watching, he managed to get himself out of the straight jacket and onto the stage with only seconds remaining before the rope broke and claw closed shut. “You know I won’t be happy until you die on the stage,” Howard Stern laughed after the act was done. Can’t wait to see how he ups the ante in Vegas, can you?


Ah, and we also witnessed our fair share of geeks tonight. Among them was Ron something or other (okay his name was just too dang long), who attempted to impress with his voice overs? Yes, I said voice overs. Ron was destroyed and hit his knees when Howard and the gang told him he was not going to Vegas. To lift his spirits (and irritate Nick Cannon) the judges told him he could hang out with Nick and announce the remaining acts of the evening. Luckily, there was only one more act to be announced, and he was awful also. The pair of awful contestants shared some singing/dancing/bonding time with Nick Cannon before they said goodnight!

That’s all for tonight! Did you think it was a good or boring episode tonight? Be sure to tune in next week for more America’s Got Talent on NBC!

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Photos courtesy of NBC!

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