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Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Recap: Shedding For The Wedding?

June 03, 2012 11:01 PM by Gina Hall

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition rebooted for its second season and trainer Chris Powell’s has his work cut out for him. 400-pound Tony looking to shed some major poundage on the way to his 50th birthday and wedding. Is it a pipe dream or can Tony make the life-changing commitment?
Chris Powell takes on his latest weight-loss challenge with Tony, 49, who blames his work in the fast-food industry and the stresses of raising a special-needs child for helping him balloon up to 400 pounds. The show’s Dr. Terry Schaack warns Tony that his fat has primarily gathered around his abdomen, he’s at a very high risk for heart disease.

So cue the sappy generic reality-show music and let’s get started. As many of these stories start, Tony had a rough go of it during childhood, which has affected his emotional eating habits. He supported himself starting at age 14 by shoveling snow and working at a fast food restaurant. He overate at his job because “he never knew where his next meal would come from.” He would rather have food than have sex. For most of us it depends on what kind of food and what kind of sex, but still, that’s a problem.

This is the story of Tony’s year long journey toward a healthier, happier life. Or is it? Many of us freak out if we gain an extra 5-10 pounds, but having to lose almost 225? That’s a major commitment that consumes your life while not consuming an entire extra-value meal. But life doesn’t pause while you shed the weight, as Tony learns.

Chris Powell shows up in Tony’s life when Tony’s sampling wedding cakes. Now how surprised can Tony be when he has a camera crew following him? But boot camp starts right away and Tony is eager to get going. It proves hard to get 400 pounds moving on the treadmill and even harder when Tony finds out his 28-year old special-needs son is in the hospital fighting for his life.

A lot of time is spent watching this grown man cry, which was both heartbreaking and tedious. But apparently a dying son wasn’t enough to get this guy to stop filming a reality show, so I suppose that’s the dedication he needs to change.

His fiancee is reluctant to go on the journey with him. She seemed to be jealous that Tony decided to change his life without her. And now that he’s starting to drop the pounds, he starts to question his future with her. Isn’t that always the case. Lose 200 pounds, lose the bitchy girlfriend holding you back.

Tony moves out and moves on and even at the risk of becoming homeless. He even continues to eat healthy living out of his car and on friends’ couches. So for all of us losing those last few pounds, we have little excuse compared to this guy.

And it gets worse. His special-needs son dies. And he continues to film the reality show. Classy. But it’s what your son would have wanted. His death exploited for reality show tears.

Even with all this going on, Tony picks up a new girlfriend to boot. This guy has got game.

But by day 365 Tony has been transformed at the end of the year-long ordeal, Tony looks amazing at 198 pounds. A 200-pound loss to celebrate his 50th birthday. Way to go Tony. It was a weird year for all of us to watch.

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