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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Wait, Rosie’s Gay?!

June 03, 2012 09:11 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight on Bravo‘s Real Housewives of New Jersey…. It’s a special occasion for the Laurita family, as Caroline‘s brother is marrying his partner. So it’s not just a gay wedding, but a Housewives style gay wedding, which means pastels, big hats, and lots of drama. Even better! Plus, SPOILER ALERT: Did you know that Kathy’s sister Rosie is a lesbian?!

Yay! A reality TV wedding, so you know there’s going to be drama. What’s all the hubbub?

Well… First, there’s the beef within the Laurita family. Out of the 20 siblings (not 20, but close!), only two are coming to the wedding, along with Caroline’s mother. And no, Dina isn’t one of them (gasp!). BUT, guess who is? Teresa!

Which obviously brings up the other issue…

Caroline and Teresa…and the always gay-friendly, Joe Giudice.

On the way to Chicago, Teresa is nothing but love and light to Caroline, but Caroline’s not buyin’ the “bulls–t” and still holds Tre responsible for…well, the bulls–t; more specifically, the fact that Dina doesn’t speak to her anymore.

We know… Does anyone on this show talk to their siblings?!

Joe Gorga is still feeling bad about his last argument with Teresa and the fact that Gia‘s getting hurt, so he texts Teresa and tells her that he’s willing to go see a physical therapist with her so they can work everything out.

With the always helpful Kim D. in her ear, Teresa decides that she doesn’t need therapy, but considers going for her brother, who obviously has issues (we’ll pause here to allow for ample eye-rolling).

We can’t wait to see if this actually happens, and who the lucky therapist is that’s going to have to deal with all of “Joe’s issues.”

Over at the Wakile’s (two sisters who love each other very much — no drama), Rosie is ready to come out to Kathy‘s kids (we’re pretty sure they know, Ro), and to let them know how and why she finally came out to her family. It’s a touching moment, which young Joseph makes even more special by asking if homosexuals have gay-dar.

If so, Rosie’s is spot on, because even though Kathy’s friend Heather is straight and married, she seems to be enjoying flirting with Ro in the hot tub. And “flirting” is putting it mildly! We like to keep it PG-13 here.

Heather’s er– display may have been inappropriate, but of course, Joe Giudice isn’t one to be out-done, and ends the show on a classless note with a homophobic joke we were all assuming he’d utter at some point in the hour. So close, Joe. So close.

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