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Gordon Ramsay To End Kim Kardashian’s Indian Food Aversion

June 04, 2012 10:09 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

If you drafted a list of the reality celebs most likely to annoy TV viewers, it would most likely include both Gordon Ramsay and Kim Kardashian. So, what would happen if the Masterchef expert and, uh, “businesswoman” appeared on the small screen at the same time? Well, if Gordon Ramsay has his say, this calamity could happen in the near future. Read more to learn about Ramsay’s desire to turn Kardashian into the newest Masterchef champ.

Kim Kardashian made a splash last week when she announced her distaste for Indian food. Since then, the reality star has been on major damage control. While conducting a media conference call, Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay speculated about which stars would be great fits for a Masterchef celebrity edition. He had some surprisingly kind words for reality star and Indian food hater Kim Kardashian: “Who would I put on [celebrity Masterchef]? Kim Kardashian. And I would show her that eating Indian food doesn’t need to be as bad as she thinks it is.”  I mean really, how could Indian food taste bad when prepared by the master himself? Ramsay’s confident that he could make cafeteria slop appealing, so Indian food should be a cinch.

Kim Kardashian is not the only big name on Gordon Ramsay’s dream team. Ramsay also mentioned soccer star David Beckham as a possible candidate, mainly because, “he knows how to cook.”  Whether or not these two bigshots would actually consent to be on the show is another question. But it is an interesting idea to consider. There’d surely be some excellent shouting matches between Gordon Ramsay and Kim Kardashian.

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