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America’s Got Talent Recap: Operatic Sensations And More!

June 05, 2012 06:21 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

After a night of singing cowboys, scantily-clad contortionists and adorable mariachi musicians, the bar has set high for the round two of the Austin auditions. Read more to learn the details about what happens when America’s Got Talent messes with Texas.

Tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent features its fair share of mishaps. That being said, there’s plenty of talent in Austin still waiting to be discovered.  The fun starts with the Aurora Light Painters in its world premiere. “The lights are our brushes; the air is our canvas.” While Owl City’s hit song Fireflies plays in the background, the Aurora Light Painters effortlessly depict a mermaid and a spaceship. The judges love the originality of the act and send it straight through to Vegas.

The Doppelganger Circus Sideshow arrives from Detroit wielding a chainsaw.  An injury ensues, but not the type you’d expect. The pink-haired Doppelganger star gets lockjaw from holding a huge apple in her mouth. The fiasco ends with a check-up from the paramedics and three no’s from the judges.

If you think that’s bad, cover your ears for the out-of-tune R&B group that follows. Oh, and then there’s the hyped-up mascots who keep toppling over. And that’s followed by a rather disturbing strip tease. Howie Mandel accurately describes the awful string of performances as “the worst of America.”

Eric and Olivia make it clear that they are music duo but not a couple. Howard Stern can’t understand why Eric wouldn’t go after such a beautiful, talented and, ahem, single woman. He advises Eric to “close the deal.” Eric and Olivia not be an official item, but they sure know how to entertain. Olivia sings Moves Like Jagger while Eric accompanies on the guitar. Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne are huge fans but Howie Mandel doesn’t think that the sound is not big enough for the America’s Got Talent stage.

More singing follows, but this time, it’s opera. Opera singer Richard Grossman claims that the art is not that hard. But the problem is, he’s also not that good. He can’t stay on the beat and his vocal quality leaves much to be desired.  But his chastising of Howard Stern’s “rudeness” is certainly entertaining.

Eric the mind reader has been performing at colleges and comedy clubs, but he wants to take it to the next level. The judges are told to draw pictures (but nothing too obscene) while Eric duct tapes his eyes. Nick Cannon holds the drawings up one by one above Eric’s head

A quick succession of acts follows. Summer Lacey performs an aerial dance piece as she dangles from chains with no net available in the event of a mishap. Nikki Jensen sings a lovely rendition of Moon River. And Josh Vinyard shows off some “graceful, edgy and fabulous” b-boy moves.

Finally, we have Andrew De Leon, a singer who has never performed in public…or in front of anyone, for that matter. He has decided to shed the shy, outcast label he’s been stuck with by getting up on the stage. Howard pointedly asks him if he’s had a “bad day at the office,” and then states the obvious by identifying Andrew as a goth. It’s clear the judges don’t expect much from Andrew, but he blows them away with an amazing aria. This unexpected breakout performance is nothing short of inspiring. Talk about a great end to an excellent round of auditions!

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