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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Seventeen Chefs vs. The Scallops

June 05, 2012 11:47 PM by Melissa Stavarski

After last night’s opening disaster on FOX‘s Hell’s Kitchen, the seventeen remaining chefs bravely return to the kitchen to face Gordon Ramsay.  Ramsay is disgusted by what he saw in the kitchen the night before.  This is no joke, people. The winner of season 10 of Hell’s Kitchen will become head chef at one of Gordon Ramsay’s own restaurants. Kimmie from Nutbush and Royce from wherever people actually tolerate Royce are there to win.  Will they perform better tonight?  Will the scallops make it out of the kitchen?  Will the guests of Hell’s Kitchen actually see food?  Keep reading for all of the (probably raw) meaty details!

Highlights from challenge:

The scallops got the last laugh on night one, so naturally the challenge is all about scallops. The chefs are to shuck, clean, and cook as many perfect orders of scallops as they can. The teams have to dig their scallops out of blocks of ice. The first team to create six plates wins. Guy is nervous because he doesn’t have any experience with scallops.

The women focus on perfection and the men focus on pushing out dishes as fast as they can.

The women easily take a five-point lead over the men. The score is 5-0. The blue team finally presents Ramsay with a winning plate.  Ironically from Guy.  The blue team gets another point and the score is 5-2.  Barbie and Tiffany present Ramsay with a plate, and it’s a winner.  The red team wins the competition.  This is the second win for the women.

Ramsay says to the men, “You’re in for a crap day!”  They’re forced to clean up the ice/scallop mess outside of the restaurant and do heavy-duty prep for the dinner service inside the kitchen.

The women join Gordon Ramsay on a yacht to go to Catalina for the day. Once the blue team finishes their cleaning and prep, Chef Chris rewards their hard work with freshly made smoothies – made from the scallops they butchered earlier in the day.

Highlights from dinner service:

The blue team begins as a united front.  The red team begins by attacking each other.  Robyn is irritated that Barbie is in the competition for herself.  Isn’t that the point?  Robyn thinks Barbie needs to be more of a team player.

Ramsay arrives.  Tonight is all about redemption and pride.  In addition to the regular menu, each team will be responsible for a tableside appetizer of shrimp scampi.  Christina and Brian are responsible for this service.

Don can’t make pizza around Ramsay.  Ramsay’s aura makes him nervous.  Ramsay says to Don, “Hurry up, Bozo!”  Don finally manages to plate a pizza.  He’s an “ocean of emotion.”   The pizza is burnt on top and raw on the bottom.  Ramsay is flabbergasted.

Kimmie presents a perfect pizza.  Briana ruins the risotto. Guy serves his risotto.  Ramsay declares it delicious!   Brian serves raw shrimp from his cart.  Ramsay screams at him.  How do you manage to serve both raw and overcooked shrimp to the same table!?

Since Barbie did so well in the scallop competition, the team is relying on her to push out the scallops.  Tiffany realizes Barbie’s plate is two scallops short.  In the interest of team spirit throwing Barbie under the bus, she sends the plate to Ramsay anyway.

Robyn and Barbie fight all through the entrée prep.  Robyn yells at Barbie about her timing and then she serves raw meat.  Perhaps she should have been more concerned about her own dish and less concerned about Barbie’s ability to tell time.  In true bully fashion, Robyn accepts no responsibility and blames Barbie for everything.

Chris serves raw meat.  Royce is crying over mashed potatoes.

Tiffany suggests they pre-cook fish instead of cooking it to order, and the rest of the team listens to her.  This makes Ramsay so angry he kicks them all out of the kitchen.

Back in the dorms, Robyn and Tiffany lose their minds!  Tiffany screams like a banshee and starts throwing things.  Is this Hell’s Kitchen Prison Work Release?  Looks like riots broke out in the women’s dorm.  Barbie had better start sleeping with one eye open.

After the blue kitchen fails their third attempt at entrees, Ramsay shuts them down, too.

Ramsay sums up the night as embarrassing, bizarre, and ridiculous.  Both teams lose.  Each team must nominate two for elimination.

The scallops are declared the winners.  They go to Catalina to slow bake in the sun.


The red team nominates Barbie, which is a shock to no one.  Tiffany is still raging.  Kimmie busts out a “You dun brought the Memphis out me, Ho!” directed at Barbie. Kimmie rolls up her sleeves, ready for the challenge.  She’s offering to go up against the Ho.  Dana pulls the crazy people into a bedroom to make a plan.  They decide on Roshni for nomination as a pawn, to be SURE Barbie leaves.  They’re so cocky; it’s obvious they’ve never seen Big Brother.  That plan never works.

Chris nominates himself. Nobody argues. The men argue about the second nomination. Will it be Don or Royce?

Red team nominates Barbie and Roshni.  Blue team nominates Chris and Royce.

Roshni fills Ramsay in on the red team’s use of her as a pawn.  Tiffany and Robyn immediately start throwing Barbie under the bus.  Barbie says, “I made some mistakes, but I don’t plan on making them again.”  Ramsay asks Barbie who she thinks are the worst on her team.  She says Kimmie and Robyn.  Robyn is nearing a seizure.

Ramsay sends Roshni and Royce back to their teams.  Ramsay says both Barbie and Chris deserve to go home.  Ramsay eliminates Chris. The women react to Barbie’s save rather negatively.  They promise to make her life hell.  Don is tired of losing.   He longs to go outside to see a flower.

On that note, Ramsay promises them a big surprise the next morning, and then tells them all to piss off.

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5 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Seventeen Chefs vs. The Scallops”

  1. Xavier Says:
    June 6th, 2012 at 3:34 am

    several mistakes:
    1) Don’s second pizza is also acceptable. s/b UNacceptable.
    2) How do you manage to serve both raw and undercooked shrimp to the same table!? s/b OVERcooked
    3) In the red kitchen, Chris serves raw meat. s/b BLUE kitchen

  2. bas0403 Says:
    June 6th, 2012 at 3:55 am

    Robyn needs to go ASAP. No idea how half of these people even made it on the show. Hope they get better soon.

  3. Melissa Says:
    June 6th, 2012 at 8:33 am

    Thanks for having my back, Xavier! I caught those mistakes first thing this morning (fresh eyes) before your comment was published. But thanks!

  4. Dallas Says:
    June 6th, 2012 at 9:03 am

    Great recap! Following you over here since I loved your dancing with the stars blogs. Rooting for Barbie. Mean girls can leave at anytime!

  5. lpt Says:
    June 6th, 2012 at 10:08 am

    When Ramsey tells the girls they’re going to Catalina Island for their challenge win, is it me or did I hear one of the girls say “I dont have a passport”. Too funny!!


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