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MasterChef Recap: On The Road With Gordan Ramsay

June 05, 2012 10:13 PM by Gina Hall

The MasterChef kitchen continues to heat up as auditions continue for the next amateur who will don the apron and get his or her own cookbook. What insults does Gordon Ramsay have in store for the contestants this go around? Let’s find out!

So if you’re not up to speed, last night judges Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot spent the better part of an hour crushing the hopes and dreams of amateur chefs who had trekked out to Los Angeles thinking they had what it took to become a great chef, the winner of the $250,000 cash prize and a shot at their own cookbook.

Tonight we pick up where we left off, auditioning more contestants. First on the hot plate is Felix, a food server from Los Angeles. She makes crispy risotto with steak tartar and quail egg. Odd combination? Chef Ramsay things so telling her it’s under-seasoned. Chef Ramsay passes but Joe says yes, so does Graham. Felix gets an apron.

Luca is a restaurant manager and he’s up next. His mom flew in unbeknownst to him from Italy to cheer him on. That’s a lot of cash to drop on the hopes that some lunatic reality TV show judge will validate your son. Mom’s are great like that. Luca makes Venetian calf’s liver with parmesan polenta. Chef Ramsay says slightly overcooked, but flavorful. Still Ramsay says no. Joe says yes, leaving it up to Graham, who says no. Sorry mom, your son failed you.

Someone in central casting made a call for cowboys this season and we get a few of them auditioning for a shot. One of them, Mike, catches the interest of the judges. Mike wants to win it in honor of his sister, who was killed in a car accident. He arrives on a horse which promptly pees while Mike plates his pan seared venison with creamed potatoes and haricots verts. He wins over the judges as they all give Mike a yes.

Now it’s time for a montage of the weird people, the ones you hope never move into your building. A witch, a ventriloquist and a dude with a monkey (is that sanitary?) all try and fail spectacularly. Hey, at least they still have that weird thing going, hope that works out for them.

Next a husband and wife, Anna and AJ, throw their spoons into the mix. AJ makes dirty lobster with tomalley sauce and red onion. Anna whips up white clam pizza with chinese parsley. Aw, isn’t that cute, they have matching aprons.

After that, the judges go on the road in MasterChef Food Truck, which is like the Mystery Machine without the Scooby Snacks. Their quest is to find small-town cooks to vie for an apron. This is where we find Bubba who makes  a bacon wrapped venison with pureed rutabaga and sautéed mustard greens. Graham says yes. Buzzkill Joe is a no and Chef Ramsay comes into save the day with a yes. Bubba gets an apron.

And in yet another instance where a sob story gets you on network TV, take the last audition, Joel, a soldier who makes Jamaican rice and peas with chicken and scotch bonnet sauce. Joe says he wants to open a restaurant named after his son who drowned five years ago. Way to work in the dead family member reference, you attended reality TV school 101. Give ‘em a reason to cheer you on. But stone-hearted Joe still says no. The ice water continues to run through that man’s veins. However, Graham gives a yes and Chef Ramsay, who’s a little more reality TV narrative savvy than Joe is, gives out a yea. And of course, Joe cries.

Join us next week as these contestants really get cooking!

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