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Love In The Wild Recap: Season 2 Premiere Features Jenny McCarthy, Double The Hotties With Bodies

June 06, 2012 09:15 AM by Melissa Stavarski

NBC‘s summer hit Love in the Wild returns for a second season.  This season, the singles hoping for adventure and true love find themselves in the Dominican Republic with Jenny McCarthy as host. Jenny welcomes the seven men and seven women to the Wild. She informs the hopefuls that last season’s first and second place couples are still madly in love! Wasting no time, each female chooses one male as her partner. Tara, who’s playing the part of clueless princess, is looking for a “hottie with a body.” Once all picks have been made, McCarthy throws one of many twists at the couples – seven more hotties walk out!  Keep reading for all of the details.

What in the world are these extra seven men going to do? The duos are going to be trios. At least for now. Seven men will be cut at the Couples Choice/Meat Market Ceremony. The trios are – Cina/Chase/Jason, Tara/Tim/Leo, Summer/Jesse/Q, Jenny/Ben/Franky, Ali/Jason/Darwin, Yanina/Ken/Mike, and Shauna/Christian/Ryan.

After introducing the extra testosterone, the “original” men are immediately possessive of “their” girl.  The one they’ve spent exactly 34 seconds with before the new hotties walked out of the Wild.  This is going to be fun!

The Adventure

The teams need to collect three shells.  Each shell is part of a mini-challenge.  In order to complete the challenge, one person from each team needs to retrieve a back pack, which includes maps and other necessities, out of the ocean.

Summer is the only female who takes on the first swimming task.  She puts the men to shame.  Mike reveals he’s lifeguard but chooses to let Ken do the swimming so he can hang back with the stunning Yanina. Was that clever or stupid?

The snake pit brings a lot of tears, squeals, and whining.  And that’s just from Tara.  She “literally” almost had a heart attack. This is Tara’s second assault of the word “literally.” All signs point to her being an idiot. Not helping any matters, she’s paired with one dude who refers to himself as the Timinator and another who is fresh out of Jersey Shore.

Most of the men embarrass themselves in the coconut challenge. The next mini-challenge involves taking a boat to a dive site. The boat is more of a hinderance than a help. Summer dives for the shell. She is physically and mentally exhausted from carrying her team.

Shauna takes competitive (and annoying) to a new level. Shocking that no one threw a coconut at her face to shut her up.

The first team to race toward Phil Keoghan Jenny McCarthy is Team Summer. Summer, Jesse, and Q will be sleeping in the Oasis. Earning cabins are Yanina/Ken/Mike, Tara/Leo/Tim, Cina/Jason/Chase. Tara’s like, “oh, as if.” In fifth and sixth place and roughing it in a tent, Shauna/Christian/Ryan and Jenny/Ben/Franky. Earning the worst of the worst (hardly), Team Never-Been-Camping Ali. Ali, Jason, and Darwin get a mosquito net to sleep.

Three’s Company

Summer has her eye on Tim. The Timeister (we’ve moved on from Timinator) isn’t used to all the competition. There’s too much sausage bringing down his party, he says.

Ali has the first of many mental breakdowns. She wants to leave. Does she realize she’s on a show called Love in the Wild? As if Ali isn’t miserable enough, it rains on her and her belongings all night long.

There’s a lot of drama over the sleeping arrangements.  Also, Shauna’s whining makes ears bleed across America.

Singles Will Mingle

Jenny McCarthy shows up to encourage everyone to mingle. The women have all of the power, but that shouldn’t keep the men from begging playing the game.

Ryan does yoga with Shauna.  Christian talks to Tara about dirt. Ken woos Yanina with pictures of puppies.  Chase gets close to Ali in the “bathroom” while Ali applies seven metric tons of eye makeup to her face.  Jenny and Ben have fun and laugh a lot.

Mike and Shauna spend quality time together. Then Mike comes on too strong and leaves a bad impression on Shauna.  She questions his “interior” motives.  Where’s Tara with a “literally” when you need her? Shauna makes Tara almost bearable.

Women’s Choice Ceremony

For winning the adventure, Summer gets her pick of ANY guy.  She sees only friendship with both Q and Jesse, shocker for Jesse and us, and she steals Tim from Tara. Tara cannot believe she’s stuck with Leo and she “literally” almost dies.

Yanina obviously chooses Ken’s puppies over Mike’s lame cowboy hat. In the hardest decision of Cina’s life to date, she chooses Jason. Shauna keeps Ryan, Jenny keeps Ben, and Ali keeps Jason.

Yet another twist! The women get one last chance to stay with the partner they chose, or switch them out for any one of the unmatched losers.  Most of the couples stay the same.  In a not so shocking move, Tara dumps Leo for Jesse.  Despite his award-worthy patience, Jason gets kicked the curb in round two.  Ali picks up Chase.  Very happy Jesse and Chase are back in the game!

Lineup for Week 2

Summer and Tim
Yanina and Ken
Tara and Jesse
Cina and Jason
Shauna and Ryan
Jenny and Ben
Ali and Chase

RTVM – Is Love in the Wild must-see TV?  Do you think any of these couples have potential?  We want to hear from you! Leave your comments below.

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