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Million Dollar Listing LA Recap: Season 5 Premiere Takes Us To New Heights

June 06, 2012 11:34 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Impressive real estate, breathtaking views, cute puppies, flashy cars, and snazzy shoes on your TV can only mean one thing! That’s right, Million Dollar Listing LA is back on BravoJosh Altman, Josh Flagg, and Madison Hildebrand are all back for season 5, which promises to be the most dramatic season of Million Dollar Listing LA ever. Let’s get started!

Josh Flagg and Colton are enjoying breakfast in bed wearing some fabulous pajamas. Suddenly, there’s something urgent happening in the next room that needs their immediate attention. Godzilla is getting a bath and there’s confusion about the best shampoo for his fur. Rich people dog problems. Josh gets a phone call from Barbara, one of his best clients. She has a property she needs to list. A short time later, Josh shows up at her “rooftop yoga” class.  Worth mentioning are Josh’s nifty bright yellow shoes.  He pokes fun at the ridiculousness, yet completely normal scene in LA, of doing yoga on top of a very tall building.

The property is a  massive 13,255 square foot house packed full of expensive art and furniture and fireplaces taken from European castles. The seller wants $40,000 a month (lease). Josh thinks $30,000 a month is more in line with the economy.  They agree on listing the property for $35,000 a month.  Lisa, a fellow agent who lives in the neighborhood, shows up to check out the house for a client who’s currently in Europe. She loves, loves, loves the house and can’t wait to talk to her client.

Madison Hildebrand is trying to reach Heather, who is missing in Beverly Hills. Heather was Madison’s assistant, but she left him last season to be with Josh Altman (romantically).  Madison explains  their current agreement.  Basically, Madison still pays Heather her salary (nice!) to mingle in Beverly Hills, supposedly looking for prospective new clients. She’ll handle the new clients, they’ll split the profits 50/50.  Madison attempts to reach Heather several times.  Where could she possibly be?

Meanwhile, Josh Altman wakes up in bed next to Heather, Madison’s missing assistant.  We found her!

Josh confirms they’re officially a couple.  They’ve closed the deal, they’re in escrow, and all contingencies have been lifted.  With pillow talk like that, it’s no wonder Heather fell for Josh. We can only hope they make it to the altar. After those sweet sentiments, can you imagine the wedding vows? Fingers crossed, RTVM!

Josh is off to Bel Air, where homes are worth between 1.5 and 100 million dollars.  Josh meets up with a potential new client, Steve. Steve dabbles in art, sculpting, inventions, archery, and all-around awesomeness.  Steve is moving to Las Vegas to take us all to new heights.  He’s planning to build a dome full of flying bicycle balloons, so everyone can experience flying.  (Adding ‘chilling with Steve in Vegas’ to the bucket list.)

Steve bought his home 2 years ago for 2.4 million.  The house is nestled in the hills of Bel Air and features a beautiful salt-water pool. Josh takes his time to get to know Steve before he talks real estate. Once they get to business, Josh suggests listing the house for 2.9 million.  Josh realizes the house is unique – such a unique listing can be hot or cold.  Finding the right buyer is crucial.

He shows the house to a pair who fall in love with the “mountain” feeling of the home. Suzanne, the prospective buyer, calls it “sexy jungle” and cries often. They’re interested. Josh says, give me an offer and I’ll give you an answer, but there’s an open on Tuesday.

Madison Hildebrand is attempting to list a Malibu lakehouse.  He meets with Stella, also an agent.  The house belongs to her ex-husband. It’s going to be an emotional transaction for her.  While it’s a lovely home on a beautiful waterfront lot, it needs some updating.

Stella and Madison meet with David, the owner/ex-husband who has hand-selected fish from Japan, to talk about the property. Madison suggests the house is slightly neglected with an empty pond, sinking boat dock, and cobwebs. David is going to be a challenging client.

The two Joshes are having better luck.

Lisa returns with an offer for Josh Flagg‘s client Barbara.  The offer is $25,000/month.  Josh says, no deal, the offer has to be closer to $30,000. Lisa comes back with a $29,000/month prepaid lease.  Josh is excited about the thought of a prepaid lease.  For his client it means cash up front to invest elsewhere.  Done deal.  Under the table, Godzilla looks less than impressed by the transaction, but his fur sure is shiny.

Josh Altman tracks down Steve at a ranch in the middle of nowhere to present him an offer of 2.5 million.  They counter at 2.8 million.  The buyer’s final and firm is 2.7, and it’s a done deal. Steve flies his yellow bicycle balloon off into the sunset.

What did you think of the season premiere of Million Dollar Listing LA, RTVM?

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2 Responses to “Million Dollar Listing LA Recap: Season 5 Premiere Takes Us To New Heights”

  1. Miracle Says:
    June 8th, 2012 at 5:38 am

    His attitude to his life change attracts me, here is something he said,”I thought life was big and fun before and it just got bigger and better now and every year it does, it gets a little more exciting. What’s great is that I don’t feel alone anywhere I go because if I want to talk to people and go somewhere and communicate, it’s pretty much out there. Everyday is so exciting. I get to meet and work with so many different people”.

  2. cheryl magbie Says:
    June 8th, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    how in the world are people spending such ridiculous amounts of money when the market sucks? these rich people have too much money to spend on needless, mindless things.


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