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Samantha Harris Dishes About Her Kids, Staying In Shape And Her New TV Show

June 06, 2012 10:00 AM by Veronica Dudo

Before Brooke Burke took over hosting duties on Dancing with the Stars, the lovely Samantha Harris hosted ABC’s hit reality TV series. In 2009 she made her Broadway debut playing the role of “Roxie Hart” in the musical CHICAGO. She was also an entertainment correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and E! News. Now, the mom of two is gearing up for a new show while helping out young children in need. Keep reading to find out how the TV personality is doing it all!

Feeding young children in-need is a project very important to Harris who has teamed up with Feeding America and Nestle Juicy Juice in the fight against hunger. She recently volunteered during the launch of the project at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. “This summer Juicy Juice is launching the ‘Fruit for All Project,’” Harris explains, “from Jun 1 to August 31 Juicy Juice pledges to provide up to 35 million pieces of fruit to children and families in need. And this is a program I couldn’t be more proud of.”

In addition to her charity work, Harris teases fans about a new TV show she’s working on! “I’m looking forward to being able to talk more about that soon,” she reveals, ”It’s a project that is a 180 from the hosting duties you’ve seen me on before in ball gowns and glamour and glitz so I’m very excited about this project!”

Harris’ two young daughters keep her very busy but she says she loves when her daughters remind her to stop and enjoy the little things in life.

“For me it’s really been about being able to relive things again or be able to see my daughters explore and discover the simple things in life that we as adults I think don’t even see anymore. Yesterday my 16 month old was captivated by a simple ladybug that was crawling along the street.”

Despite having so much on her plate, Harris also has been writing a fitness book for women to get in the best shape of their lives before, during and after pregnancy. Her secret to staying in shape is simple, “Making sure that exercise is an appointment in everyday. Making sure that it is on my schedule. If I can put exercise on my schedule seven days a week then at least four or five of those days it’s going to happen,” she says.

With the recent announcement that the fall 2012 season of Dancing with the Stars will feature an all-star cast of alums Harris says she can’t wait to see who will return. “I’m excited to see it because there’s so many great dancers we’ve had over the years on Dancing with the Stars,” she recalls, “I’ll definitely be watching!”

Photo Credit: Nestle USA

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