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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Near Heart Attack for Nigel Lythgoe at Atlanta Auditions

June 06, 2012 07:12 PM by Candace Young

There were some waacky auditions last week on So You Think You Can Dance, and it’s anyone’s guess what this week will bring, as Cat Deeley announces the show is in Atlanta, Georgia for another round of auditions. Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined by guest judge, Debbie Allen, who also recently guest-starred on Grey’s Anatomy! Keep reading for highlights…

The first girl to try out on So You Think You Can Dance in Atlanta says she can fart with her neck, lick her elbow, and has never had a boyfriend – the judges aren’t surprised. Audrey Casey’s audition has Debbie and Mary grooving along – it’s amazing! Nigel says she’s stunning – she gets a ticket straight to Vegas!

Three guys who live together have come to audition. Boris, who sports blue wedges in his hair, is up first. Classical music plays, but the dance is like a mime – very expressive and different. Nigel calls him mesmerizing, Mary says he’s extraordinary, and Debbie calls him a real artist. He gets a ticket.

Joshua Alexander is next. He has a strange voice, but his dance leaves nothing to be desired – it’s strong, bold, and technically awesome! The judges call him down for hugs and his ticket. Debbie tells him when he dances it’s like he testifies.

Several more go through, including a young man who lost his mother and a girl who uses dance to control her Tourette’s.

Tim Konkel is a karate champion who began dancing in college – to get girls! He comes out on stage with a Selena Gomez backpack and says he’s doing a mix of karate and hip hop. Tim comes across like a flake, but his show is all flash! He does a lot of aerials and acro-type moves that are impressive. The trouble is that there is a lack of actual dancing. Tim says he’s got 7 days of ballet training. Nigel lets him show it on stage – the women are screaming with laughter by the end of his display. He gets the ticket! Unreal!

Jackson Alvarez shows off some frenetic power moves for the judges. He says he owns a line dancing place and Nigel has a group come up on stage so he can demonstrate the ‘Wobble’. Debbie starts grinding on Nigel! How scary for the young ‘uns!

Speaking of wobbling, the next contestant is a belly dancer. Janelle Issis’ sensual moves prove to be too much for Nigel, who holds up his hand to stop her routine, saying one heart attack is enough for him! They send Janelle to choreography.

Danielle Dominguez tells the judges people characterize her as a weird dancer, and she loves bacon! She eats a huge plate of it 5 times a week! Mmm! Nigel says she looks good and suggests Mary and Debbie might try to eat like Danielle. Whoops! He earns boos for that remark. Danielle begins her audition and proves to be bendy, jerky, and flingy. Nigel marvels that she is a weird dancer! He tells her she’s unique – they send her straight to Vegas!

Andre, the second of the three guys who live together, is up next. He offers up some super cool looking pop ‘n’ lock. Mary says he took it to another level. Debbie calls it almost unbelievable. Nigel doesn’t know what his partner work will be like, but sends him to Vegas anyway!

Cyrus is the third member of the trio who live, and dance, together. He looks like a slender Mr. T!  He also offers up some absolutely amazing stuff, including making it appear he’s moving in slow motion and vibrating! Nigel quotes Mia Michaels, shouting, “Shut up! Shut up! I’ll stab you in the eye!” He tells Cyrus he followed a genius and topped him – they can all room together in Vegas!

In choreography, Janelle and Jackson, along with 13 others, go through to Vegas!

Day 2

The next contestant’s brought her grandmother, who used to teach dance, with her. Courtney Kirby has been dancing for 14 years. Nigel brings grandma up so she can see better and gets some hugs and kisses! Courtney does grandma proud with her powerful and beautiful audition. Debbie says it was magnificent – she’s a beast! Grandma corrects her, saying, “She’s more of a butterfly.”  Either way, she’s through to Vegas!

Asher Walker is from Glade Hill, Virginia. He tells Cat Deeley no one dance hip hop there – they are all rednecks. He practices in his garage. Footloose – for real! It turns out Asher is a very entertaining performer with some great choreography and moves! Debbie says he’s fresh! Nigel comments on his musicality. The kid goes right through to Vegas!

George Lawrence II says his father encouraged him to pursue sports, and was crushed when he quit track for dance. He thinks a ticket to Vegas would get Dad on board. George is agile, fluid, and controlled in his dancing – powerful. Nigel says his father should be very proud of him. Mary says it’s the best audition in two days, and Debbie says he was born to dance. George is Vegas bound!

Three more talented dancers go through, including Aubrey and Calvin!

Brittany Ortner is from a small town in Florida where live chickens roam around in the streets – she’s ready to get out. No kidding! She auditions and proves to be edgy and talented enough to get out of Chickentown – and into the choreography round.

The next two contestants have been on So You Think You Can Dance before – Deon and Damon were busted for stealing their choreography from YouTube! Cat grills them about the incident. They apologize to Les Twins on television. This time around, they dance to Moves Like Jagger. One guy seems a bit better than the other, but their routine is awesome. They are sent to choreography.

In the choreography round, Deon doesn’t make it to Vegas, but Damon does. Brittany will also leave Chickentown for Vegas! 13 others go through as well.

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