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Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition Recap: Jacqui Loses It For Kids

June 10, 2012 11:15 PM by Gina Hall

This week Chris Powell’s skills are put to the test as he encounters a woman whose tragic past serves as the catalyst for her weight gain. Is Chris enough of a life coach to help this woman excise her demons? Find out in this recap of “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition.”
We join Jacqui, 30, at 355 pounds and crying her eyes out. She’s locked herself in the bathroom and the show’s producers are pleading with her to come out. Seems Jacqui has a problem with her body image. We’d imagine that’s why she signed up for this show.

But Jacqui’s backstory goes a little deeper than just a love affair with fried foods. We are introduced to photos of Jacqui at age 13 when she was skinny and then at age 15 when she began to gain weight. What happened? A boy “attacked” her at a party at at 14. “Attacked” is apparently ABC’s euphemism for what reality show audiences can’t handle, so we have to leave it at that. But she started to use food as a comfort and a hiding mechanism, and by the time Jacqui graduated high school, she was 100 pounds overweight.

Shawn, her fire-fighter husband, is very supportive of her goal to lose weight so Chris Powell shuffles her off from Florida to Los Angeles to get started. Jacqui’s new lifestyle regimen will consist of 1500-calorie meals and 2-4 hour workouts six times a week. For her medical exam, the nurses can’t even draw blood out of her arm through the layers of fat, so they have to resort to drawing it from her foot. The doctors also talk to her about her polycystic overian disease, which has prevented her from having children. If she’s able to lose the weight, doctors say, she will likely be able to have the children she’d been wanting.

Chris starts to push Jacqui in the weight room and initially Jacqui proves to be kind of a puss. She breaks down crying. But Chris reminds her that she’s doing this for her husband, so she soldiers forth and pushes herself to the limit. She returns to Florida to find that her home has been remodeled with her own home gym. No more excuses.

Jacqui’s next challenge is to lose 90 pounds in 3 months, not safe weight loss by any standards, but this is reality TV, so what should be real about it? But if she does, she’ll win a trip to Ireland for the honeymoon she never got to enjoy with her husband. And, Chris is going to with Jacqui and Shawn to help her lose the weight, to make for one of the most awkward threesome living arrangements since “Three’s Company.” But Jacqui has now lost 62 pounds and is making progress.

In a rather cruel change up of the old exercise routine, Chris takes Jacqui to the theater. She loves the theater, but hasn’t been as of late because the seats don’t accommodate  her size. For her work out, Chris makes Jacqui sit in every of the 300 seats in the theater. She cries, but she does it.

Ultimately, Jacqui makes weight at the end of Phase 1 at 263 pounds, she’ll be heading to Ireland soon. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, Jacqui!

Unfortunately, Jacqui can’t keep up this reality TV thing and a full-time job at the same time. So after a discussion with her husband, she decides to quit the job with his support. He’ll even take on more work. What a guy!

The couple is rewarded with their dream trip to Ireland. Upon Jacqui’s return, she’s a little depressed to find that she’s gained 7 pounds, but is motivated to take it right back off. She’s a different woman that who we met at the beginning of the show, both in looks and attitude.

When she meets with the doctors again, they tell her that she’s fully capable of having children now so the family she’s dreamt of may now become a reality. At the end of Phase 3, Jacqui weighs in at 175 pounds, meeting her goal! She’s on her way!

At the end of the show, Chris beckons Jacqui from behind the curtain and we see a woman who has shed 207 pounds to weigh in at 148!  A huge amount of weight and a huge difference.

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