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Secret Millionaire Recap: Fitness Founders Head To Oklahoma City To Help Others

June 10, 2012 07:22 PM by Veronica Dudo

Tonight two fitness founders head to a poverty-stricken area to seek out deserving people and organizations to surprise them with donations on ABC’s hit reality TV series, Secret Millionaire. Each week, some of America’s most successful self-made millionaires look for those in need and reward them with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the feel-good reality TV series. Anytime Fitness founders Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen head to Oklahoma City to share their good fortune. Keep reading to find out what happens on their journey!

Secret Millionaire takes millionaires in disguise and sends them into the country’s poorest areas to spend a week looking for deserving organizations, charities and people. Tonight Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen will be sent to a poverty-stricken area. Both men have to say good bye to their families and their comfortable lifestyles as they embark on a new adventure with different identities for a week.

One in four children live in poverty in Oklahoma City. When Chuck and Dave see their “house” they’re in shock. They say the house looks disgusting and the more time they spend there it gets worse. Both men must live on $71.00 for the week. They admit that usually they spend that amount on appetizers! They go shopping and say that for their first time in a very long time they must look at the prices on each item they pick up.

Chuck and Dave go to the Oklahoma Youth Wrestling Organization which helps at risk youth stay off of the streets through wrestling. They also provide tutoring and food. With a small fitness room Chuck and Dave help the young men go through some workout drills. After getting some food the mentors also help the youth do their homework and read.

Limbs for Life helps 650 amputees every year. Chuck meets Charlie who wears prosthetics. Chuck says Charlie reminds him of his brother who was born with a condition and died at the age of 18 years old. They also meet Connor, a young boy who has a prosthetic leg. Connor’s parents say if it wasn’t for Limbs for Life they wouldn’t be able to afford it and he would most likely be in a wheelchair.

Now, Chuck and Dave must reveal their true identities and gift their fortunes to the organizations they have been volunteering at all week. They are anxious but also excited to share their secret and make donations. Dave says he has been so moved by the Oklahoma Youth Wrestling Organization that together they would like to present them with a check for $39,000 which pays for all of their expenses for one year. The organization’s founders are surprised and say now they don’t have to worry about raising the funds to stay open. But Chuck and Dave aren’t done just yet they give them the keys to their own Anytime Fitness for both the youth and adults in the community to enjoy and the men are funding $150,000. The volunteers are so happy!

Next Chuck and Dave go to Limbs for Life and Chuck gives them a check for $100,000 from the business partners. One of the volunteers says, “It feels like angels just fell out of the sky.” The money donated ends up being enough to give 50 people on the waiting list the prosthetics they need. Both Chuck and Dave are very satisfied with their trip and are so happy to have had this special experience.

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One Response to “Secret Millionaire Recap: Fitness Founders Head To Oklahoma City To Help Others”

  1. Doradee Bashar Says:
    June 10th, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    On episode with founders of Anytime Fitness they show them going into a wrestling club full of young boys and right away they are sent to wrestle with the young boys,no question,no background check ,they just come in off the street ,they might be pervs,child molesters,who knows? Then after the owner/manager asks them what they do for a living! What! Are u kidding? Do they come in with camera and sound men? Does the ‘crew’ follow them around? I hope anyone with a wresting club does not take in men off the street!


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