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The Real Housewives Of New York City Recap: Sex Is Definitely In The City

June 11, 2012 07:05 PM by Megan Thompson


The Real Housewives Of New York City was all new tonight on Bravo. As the women get to know each other better, some juicy gossip is revealed. Keep reading to find out what is confirmed in tonight’s RHONY episode.

It’s a double dinner date with Heather, Aviva and their husbands. Aviva shares how in love she is with her husband- that she couldn’t breathe without him – it’s very cute. Heather arrives late and yells out “Rock On” to a night out without kids. Let’s just say the Countess would die at her vocabulary. The best line of the night is when Heather shares that her husband is Jewish, but she hasn’t converted yet. “I’m Jewish by injection, very proudly,” Heather tells the cameras. After a few more glasses of wine, Heather then tells Aviva they know her ex-husband. By the look on Aviva’s face, it seems everyone in NYC knows her husband – a little too well. Then Heather drops the bomb that Harry, Aviva’s ex, slept with both LuAnn and Sonja. “That is so funny,” Aviva says in a disgusted, like OMG moment. AWKWARD! FYI – Heather that’s probably not a good first double date conversation to have. I think we have another Ramona on our hands. The girls then discuss the drama between Ramona and LuAnn. It seems Aviva is on Ramona’s side, but Heather doesn’t feel the same way.

It’s a standoff in the park between Ramona and LuAnn. The two women meet on a park bench to discuss Ramona’s comment on how LuAnn isn’t a good mom. Right away Ramona is on the defensive and tells LuAnn she always makes snide comments to her. The crazy eyes come out and Ramona tells LuAnn she isn’t listening to her. When LuAnn tells Ramona that she threatened her, Ramona denies it. “Everyone knows you are not home with your children,” Ramona slams LuAnn. The conversation goes downhill when Ramona tells LuAnn she has lost it.  “What other tricks do you have to pull out of your pinot-filled ass,” LuAnn yells. Ramona has totally lost it now and then goes off on a tangent that she doesn’t have time to do a manicure – but she has tried a new shellac manicure.  All the voices in Ramona’s head must be trying to talk at once.  The women agree that if LuAnn doesn’t attack first, Ramona won’t bite back.

It’s time for the NY wives to do their sport of choice – vintage shopping!  Actually it’s just Aviva and Carole doing some major shopping damage. “She’s a blonde bombshell and my super fan,” Carole says about Aviva. Carole doesn’t want anything to do with the fight between LuAnn and Ramona.  Will Carole remain this drama free alll season? But we do learn that Carole is in a relationship (casual) with a member of Aerosmith. Is she a groupie?  Aviva admits she couldn’t handle that type of relationship.  Then Carole gets all cougar and starts flirting with a young man in the store. Cougar Carole might be  a new nickname for this sassy widow. 

Carole gets in a BMW convertible and kisses her man, Russ Irwin.  When Russ isn’t touring with Aerosmith, he’s a solo artist.  It seems Carole is Russ’s muse. “I’m the queen of long distance love,” Carole admits because she likes the feeling of missing someone.

Ramona is lunching with Aviva today in the city.  “I need a glass of Pinot right away,” Ramona tells the waiter.  Aviva finds Ramona refreshing, but doesn’t want to get on her bad side. While Carole wants to stay out of the drama, Aviva wants to jump right in.  It seems that Aviva is on team Ramona.  The women toast to being honest with one another and not talking behind each other’s backs. 

Sonja is a presenter at a GLAAD event in the city, so all the ladies come out to support her. But when it’s time for Sonja to present, she is nowhere to be found. Sonja is backstage munching on appetizers and socializing away. “Oh my God, where is she?  This is so embarrassing,” Ramona says about the situation. Sonja has no problems with missing her queue – she is just happy she didn’t fall off the stage! 

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One Response to “The Real Housewives Of New York City Recap: Sex Is Definitely In The City”

  1. Mary Says:
    June 12th, 2012 at 5:27 am

    The NYC Housewives have lost me. They used to be my favorite of the shows but I am at the “who cares” point. The new ladies bore me and it feels like this is a pieced together show. I miss the other ladies….wise up Bravo. This was not a good move.


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