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MasterChef Recap: What’s in Gordon Ramsay’s Mystery Box?

June 12, 2012 10:15 PM by Gina Hall

Gordon Ramsay Masterchef

The top 18 MasterChef contestants have arrived at the MasterChef Kitchen. What’s in store for them now with Chef Gordon Ramsay? Let’s find out!
Chef Ramsay, Joe  and Graham introduce the first Mystery Box Challenge of MasterChef. The top 18 have to put together a dish using only the ingredients in the box. The big reveal — a duck breast, bananas, kale, maple syrup and assorted other items.

The 18 have 60 minutes and the winner gets an “advantage” during the following challenge. And they’re off! The judges deem Scott not serious about the competition with his dish. Some of the other 18, aren’t cooking the duck. Oh, no! Helene’s oven catches fire, that can’t be very impressive to the judges.

The judges take a final look and call out the three dishes that made them take notice from Ryan, Samantha and Scott. These were the WORST three dishes the judges saw and they will be subjected to a tasting. The worst will be automatically expelled from the show and the contestant will hand in their apron.

Ryan made Seared Duck Breast with Bananas and Sweet Potato Puree. Graham says it looks like he prepped it and and then stepped on it. Chef Ramsay admits that Ryan cooked the duck, but everything else is dreadful.  Samantha made Seared Duck Breast with Sweet Potato Rhubarb Puree. Joe says the dish is bad on so many levels it’s hard to explain. Scott made Duck Profiterole and Mashed Sweet Potatoes. Chef Ramsay thinks Scott should be embarrassed. Joe said it was delusion. After some deliberation, it’s decided that Samantha is leaving the competition. Turn in your apron Samantha.

Felix made a Seared Duck Breast with Chinese Five Spice, Eggplant and Sweet Potato. Joe says the dish is restaurant quality and he is the winner of the Mystery Box Challenge.

As the winner Felix gets to choose the theme of the next dish the cooks will prepare, although she doesn’t have to cook it. The choices are Italian Risotto, ClassicNew England Clam Chowder and Beef Wellington. Felix chooses Italian Risotto.

This Elimination Challenge gives the contestants 45 minutes to make the risotto. When time is up, the judges taste each contestant’s dish. Monti made Risotto with Pancetta, Sun Dried Tomatoes and White Asparagus. Chef Ramsay says the garnish tastes better than the the dish. Frank made Risotto with Clam, Artichoke, Blood Orange, Pancetta and Basil. Joe says bravo. David made Risotto with Gooseberry, Roasted Poblano and Scallops. Chef Ramsay tells him he nailed it. Helene made Saffron Risotto with Scallops wrapped in Burdock Root. Joe calls it a waste of time.

Christine made Risotto with Scallops, Mushrooms, Garlic and Onions. Chef Ramsay calls it subpar. Ryan made Mushroom Risotto with Portobello, Morel and Shitake. Joe says the consistency is excellent. Scott made Risotto with Fennel and Onion. Joe says it’s a good effort. Tali made Risotto with Pistachio, Cranberry, Cherry and Gooseberry. Joe says it’s kind of disgusting. Chef Ramsay actually spits it out. Dave is last and he made Risotto with Morel and Portobello Mushrooms. It’s Joe’s turn to spit it out and says it’s too sandy.

After a conference, the judges announce that the two best risottos are Frank and David Martinez, who get to be team captains for the next challenge. The bottom dishes come from Dave Mack, Helene and Tali. Chef Ramsay tells us Dave Mack will be going home.

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