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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

June 13, 2012 12:45 AM by Melissa Stavarski

FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen is back tonight. Last night on Hell’s Kitchen, the blue team completed the first dinner service of the season.  The red team lost and Gordon Ramsay took away Briana’s jacket, eliminating her from the competition.  After their disastrous dinner service last night, will the red team come back and prove themselves tonight?

The guys on the blue team are celebrating their victory.

Kimmie and Tiffany are still complaining about Barbie.  She just will not go away. Ramsay sends a bunch of dogs into the dorms to wake up the contestants.  There’s no time to sleep.  Today, the early bird gets the sheep!


At the farm, the teams have to chase a herd of sheep, grab their collars, and record the ingredient listed on the collar. The teams will need to prepare four unique lamb dishes using only the ingredients they collect from the sheep.

Just minutes into preparing their dishes, Guy slices his finger.  He yells, hoots, and hollers like a mad man.  The way he carries on, we think his finger is gone.  The medics rush in to tend to his wound. It’s safe to say Guy overreacted to the cut.  ”When you yelled, it sounded as if you’d been circumcised without anesthetic,” chides Chef Ramsay.  One Band-aid later, Guy is back in the game.

In case you forgot, Royce is on standby to reminds us all – he’s better than EVERYONE.

Overall, the dishes are all well done.  Ramsay gives most of them positive feedback.  The only disaster of a plate comes from Robyn and Barbie.  Their meat is raw.  Ramsay refused to taste it.  It’s not Robyn’s fault.  It’s the fault of her team, who told her to take it back out of the oven.

Ramsay declares the blue team the winners.  Finally!  They spend the day at the horse races.  Their horse loses but the day of fun motivates them to rally together as a team.

While the men are losing Ramsay’s money and bonding over beers, the women are forced to clean the writing off the sheep, clean the kitchen, and eat lamb testicles.

Kimmie makes her hometown proud.  She digs into those testicles like it’s birthday cake.  The mayor of Nutbush declares June 12 Kimmie Eats Nuts day.

Meanwhile,  Danielle is throwing up under the table at the mere thought of eating a testicle.

Dinner Service:

Tension runs high in the red kitchen.  Kimmie is full of piss and vinegar – and testicles.  Danielle feels like the attitude is directed at her.  Danielle cracks under the pressure and messes up the risotto.

In the blue kitchen, Brian is off to a rocky start on fish.  He messes up fish after fish after fish. Ramsay offers him some encouragement Ramsay style – Ramsay calls Brian a bozo and throws a piece of fish at him.  Brian ruins so many pieces of fish, he runs out.  Brian starts on a substitute dish.  Then, he calls an already pissed off Ramsay “baby.” Ramsay kicks Brian out of the kitchen for the night.

The always confused looking Don serves a perfect piece of meat.

Roshni struggles to perfect the wellington in the red kitchen.  The team is falling behind.  Ramsay and Roshni exchange words.

Ramsay: Roshni, get out. Roshni: But Chef.. Ramsay: Get out. Roshni: But… Ramsay: PISS OFF!

Roshni reluctantly leaves the kitchen, and Danielle steps up to cover the meat for the red kitchen.

Don quickly crumbles.  He promises meat in one minute for 10 minutes.  Ten minutes and ten broken promises later, Don serves bad meat.  Ramsay kicks him out.

Also kicked out before the end of the night, Robyn for too much garlic, Danielle for cold sauce, and Royce and Justin for failing to communicate.

With fewer chefs in each kitchen, each team completes their dinner service.  Are there normally just too many cooks in the kitchen?

Both teams lose, says Ramsay.


The blue team agrees on Don and Brian. The red team quickly agrees on Roshni.  They struggle to name a second.  Robyn and Danielle were both sent away from the kitchen mid-service.  Seems as if some members of the red team are afraid to vote against the mean girls. In the end, the red team nominates Roshni and Danielle.

Ramsay eliminates Don.

But that’s not all!  Ramsay continues -

Danielle, back in line.

Brian, aka Mr. Machine, back in line.

Roshni, give me your jacket!  Wait, what??

No worries, Roshni fans.  She’s simply joining the blue team.

Tell us – Do you have a favorite chef yet?  (Mine is Guy!)

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