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Love In The Wild Recap: The Eliminator Takes Out The Timinator

June 13, 2012 10:00 AM by Melissa Stavarski

NBC’s Love in the Wild returns with seven couples, a new adventure, and another twist. The women were in charge last week on Love in the Wild. Keep reading to find out who made good choices, who made bad choices, and whose journey to find Love in the Wild ends tonight.  Also, we’re excited to share that RTVM will talk to the two eliminated contestants every Friday, so be sure to check back at the end of the week for the inside scoop!

At the Women’s Choice Ceremony last week, Summer got first pick because she won the adventure.  Summer chose Tim – inflating his already massive ego.  The Timinator (or, Timeister, if you prefer) expresses his sadness for the rest of the women.  They are missing out on valuable Tim time. We’re all sad for them, aren’t we?


Host Jenny McCarthy explains this week’s adventure to the couples. The first task requires the couples to find the necessary supplies  to build a net. The supplies are scattered around the land. Most couples find their supplies and build their nets fairly quickly.

Shauna, the beautiful but painfully annoying Shauna, continues her scream fest this week.  Ryan quickly realizes just how draining being Shauna’s partner is. Once they find the net, Ryan contemplates using it to tie Shauna to a pole and leaving her in the Wild to be dinner for all the lovely insects and other tropical creatures.  That would be fun to watch providing he shoves a coconut in her mouth before he takes off to shut her the hell up.

Once the teams assemble their nets, the map leads them to a cliff.  They have to jump off the cliff into a lagoon.  Ali and Chase get to the cliff first.  Ali is horrified.  She’s afraid of heights. Chase quickly weighs his options.  He’s afraid Ali won’t jump, so he pushes her off.

The teams find their way to Old Man Farmer.  They have to use their nets to catch a guinea fowl.  One guinea fowl earns them instructions that lead them to McCarthy.  Once again, the order in which they finish the challenge determines their sleeping arrangements.

Ali and Chase finish first.  Ali goes from mosquito food last week to the Oasis this week.  Chase’s military experience definitely gave them an edge in the challenge.  Finishing last are Jenny and Ben.  Ben caught everything but a guinea fowl at the farm, putting them in last place.

Making Connections:

Jenny feels a connection with Ben.  She gets close and gives him a kiss.  He barely returns the kiss.  He just wants to see where it goes.

Meanwhile, Jesse is totally into Tara.  She surprises him.  Meaning, she has some substance and isn’t as shallow as the editing monkeys are leading us to believe she is.  Tara and Jesse make out under the covers.

Summer and Tim are getting along well.  Then, the Timinator downs a few beers.  Frat boy Tim smashes cake in Summer’s hair.  She isn’t happy. Ryan shows an interest in Summer.  Ryan?!? Shocking!  How can Ryan turn his back on Shauna? Shauna is batshit crazy, that’s how.

Shauna senses some distance, so she questions Ryan’s intentions.  Ryan admits he’s not really feeling any sparks with her.  Shauna starts to cry.  She handpicked Ryan.  How could he do this to her?  He asks, “Am I supposed to force a connection because you kept me around?”  Jilted in the Wild, Shauna wonders if she’ll ever find her Prince Charming.

Ben sniffs out Shauna’s sweet scent of desperation.  Ben knows Ryan and Shauna won’t be sticking together so he’s “shaking her tree, hoping for monkeys.”  Shauna is excited.  Just like that, her new crush is Ben.  Did Ben successfully find a monkey up Shauna’s tree?  No idea – what a puzzling statement.

Couples Choice Ceremony:

This week, the men will choose first.  Since Ali and Chase finished the adventure first, Chase picks first and then Ali.  The ones they choose cannot say no.

For the rest of the group, the chosen one can deny the invitation.  At the end, there will be one unmatched woman and one unmatched man.  The Wild journey will end for the two who are left unmatched.

Chase wants to stay with Ali.  Ali accepts.  Up next, Summer and Tim.  Tim chooses to stay with Summer.  Summer chooses Ryan.  Tim is shocked.  Ryan accepts Summer’s invitation, and he can’t get away from Shauna fast enough. (Can you blame him?)  Tim is sent to the loser’s circle.

Tara and Jesse, Cina and Jason, and Yanina and Ken all mutually agree to stay together.

Shauna is alone.  She asks Ben to leave Jenny.  If Ben accepts, he’s immediately sending Jenny and Tim home.  Ben declines Shauna’s invitation and chooses to stay with Jenny.

Shauna joins Tim in the loser’s circle. Their quest for Love in the Wild ends tonight.

Lineup for Week 3:

Ali and Chase
Summer and Ryan
Tara and Jesse
Cina and Jason
Yanina and Ken
Jenny and Ben

With the pairs decided and the elimination behind them, the couples start to relax.  Ha, did they really think they’d just go onto the next challenge as happy pairs?  Everybody knows there’s no relaxing in the Wild.

McCarthy summons “the ladies.”  Oh snap, in walks six new women to join the fun.  The current ladies look less than thrilled.  The guys – well, the guys are salivating.  Next Tuesday can’t come soon enough!

RTVM – Do you think any of these couples have potential?  We want to hear from you! Leave your comments below.  Don’t forget to check back later in the week to hear what Tim and Shauna have to say about their experience on Love in the Wild.

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