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Ali Fedotowsky “Terrified” About Ex Roberto Martinez Becoming The New ‘Bachelor,’ What’s She Hiding?

June 16, 2012 08:00 AM by Shayla Perry

Fans may be excited about the early reports that ABC has tapped Roberto Martinez to be the next Bachelor, but one person who’s not looking forward to the sexy insurance agent appearing on the show is his ex-fiancee and former Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky. Supposedly, the two amicably broke off their engagement back in November 2011, after dating for 18 months. So what’s Ali “freaking out” about?

“Roberto has never shared his side of the breakup, and Ali is terrified about what he would say on the show and how she would come off,” a source tells Us Weekly in the magazine’s current issue.

While Us is still claiming that Martinez, 29, isn’t planning to look for love again on the ABC reality show, a friend now tells them, “He’s happy being out of the spotlight, but he hasn’t ruled it out 100 percent.”

Yup, we had a feeling they’d be changing their tune sooner or later.

After Life & Style‘s original report that Roberto would be the next Bachelor, Us released a conflicting story stating that he definitely wouldn’t. According to spoiler king Reality Steve, however, Martinez is “absolutely” next in line, and the deal has already been signed, so…sorry Ali!

Ladies, now would be a good time to start looking into casting!

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3 Responses to “Ali Fedotowsky “Terrified” About Ex Roberto Martinez Becoming The New ‘Bachelor,’ What’s She Hiding?”

  1. EloiseM Says:
    June 16th, 2012 at 8:28 am

    Whereas I truly am hurt about Ali (my very favorite bachelorette along with Jill and Emily)not being able to stay together, I am HAPPY for Roberto. He will make a fine bachelor. Really anticipating watching his season. He’s grounded and a marriage may very well come out of this for him. He will need his family’s help though, especially the father who is no joke.

  2. Kasey Donovon Says:
    June 16th, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    I absolutely love Roberto. I did love Ali too. I knew when she met his father that his father and Ali were from 2 different worlds. He is conservative and she isn’t that way at all. He believes in the wife stays home and takes care of the house and the children and also her husband. She loves being in the spotlight and the party crowd.I am a conservative person too so I understand. It was so much better that they discovered that they just didn’t fit together before they got married. I hope both of them can find the one for them and be happy ever after. I would love to see Roberto as the bachelor but somehow I think he is over that fame and money life.

  3. Maria Says:
    June 19th, 2012 at 6:07 am

    I clearly remember Roberto telling his original group of fellow contenders for the interest of ALI that he would NEVER marry a girl like her. She didn’t pay any attention to that statement.


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