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America’s Got Talent Recap: The Hunt For The Million-Dollar Act Continues

June 18, 2012 08:23 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Tonight, America’s Got Talent wraps up its auditions in an episode appropriately named Last Chance For Vegas. Which acts manage to escape the wrath of judges Sharon Osbourne, Howard Stern and Howie Mandel? Keep reading to find out!

America’s Got Talent mixes it up this week by starting off with Smooch Piggy.  Smooch is a very talented pig, able to do everything from ringing doorbells to playing a tiny pig-sized piano.  Unfortunately, it’s a bit tough to get Smooch motivated. And once she does start, her tricks are kinda mediocre. Smooch doesn’t win a trip to Vegas, but she does get popcorn served to her by Nick Cannon.

Smooch starts to look pretty talented following a truly awful round of auditions including a rapper/dancer with an “empowering” message for women: ladies, use your bodies to separate men from their money. Hmm, not exactly the dictionary definition of female empowerment.

Next up is adorable tap dancer Lil Starr. The 6-year-old is on an important mission: win a million dollars so that she can “buy more headbands.” She impresses two out of three judges with her impeccable rhythm and entertaining facial expressions.  Howard, unfortunately, doesn’t think she’s a “million-dollar act.” Doesn’t matter though; she’s headed to Vegas!

Jacob Williams initially comes across as rather blah, but he aspires to be a top comedian.  Once he’s on stage, his deadpan and rather self-deprecating delivery is actually pretty entertaining. He’s memorable, mainly because of the surprise factor. All three judges love him, so he’s through to Vegas.

787 is a dance crew from Puerto Rico. They’re ready to show everyone that “Puerto Rico’s got talent.” Their performance includes impressive tricks and tons of energy. Howie Mandel loves it, saying that “I am so glad that Puerto Rico is represented in America’s Got Talent.

“Trish like fish” is a bundle of contradictions: computer programmer, rapper and lover of Howard Stern.  After an awful ordeal of super fast talking, she reveals that (surprise, surprise) she is, in fact, not a rapper. She just wanted to make up something to see Howard Stern. The ploy works and Howard heads up to the stage to give Trish a big hug.

Standup comedian Mark Ofuji specializes in impressions. The problem is, his impressions don’t really impress. His attempts to mimic Freddie Krueger, Gilbert Godfried and Al Pacino end in three votes of no from the judges.

With two Olympians for parents, Mary Joyner has running in her DNA, but her talents lie within the musical realm.  Her voice is truly amazing with a performance of Gravity that rivals that of Sara Barielles. Sharon Osbourne raves, “You’ve got great command of your voice, you sound genuine when you perform…you moved everyone in this theater.”  With such a gorgeous voice, it really would be a travesty if the judges didn’t vote Mary through to Vegas. So, the good news is, yes, she will be headed to Sin City. What a great way to end the audition round!

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