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Emily Maynard’s Struggle With Bell’s Palsy

June 18, 2012 05:15 AM by Katya Gordeeva

Although the Bachelorette’s Emily Maynard might seem like a sweet, low-maintenance gal from North Carolina, she ended up having a few cosmetic procedures before making it big on the Bachelor in 2010, according to US Weekly. Emily wanted to improve her appearance so that she could win herself a handsome husband on the ABC hit reality show. The blonde bombshell ended up getting breast implants, veneers and a possible nose job before she appeared on the Bachelor.

So, why did Emily get so many cosmetic enhancements? After all, she looked very beautiful beforehand with her long blonde hair, full lips and big brown eyes. The 26-year-old became insecure about her appearance after she developed Bell’s palsy as a teenager. The right side of her face was paralyzed for a few months because of the disorder, and many of her classmates made fun of her.

It seems like those close to Emily think she has become too obsessed with being beautiful and perfect. A friend of Emily’s former fiance, Brad Womack, said that she looks completely different now. “Her expressions seem kind of frozen. It looks like Botox,” said the friend.

Emily definitely let her looks go to her head because she demanded $750,000 to appear on the Bachelorette. The producers of the show denied her demands and offered her around $150,000 instead. She took them up on their offer.

What are your thoughts? Did you think Emily looked enhanced when she appeared on the Bachelor a couple of years ago? Do you believe the cosmetic procedures turned her into a diva?

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One Response to “Emily Maynard’s Struggle With Bell’s Palsy”

  1. Christine J Says:
    June 19th, 2012 at 10:55 am

    I think she is full of herself. She acts all sweet and Innocent but she is the one that was involved with another Man before Going on the Bachelor. Her Friends and her boyfriend new it was a big joke especially when Brad picked her. They knew she would be going back to him. Then she gets all this plastic done and demands almost a quarter of a million Dollars to go on the Bachelorette. What a joke.


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