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MasterChef Recap: Protect (The Apron) and Serve

June 18, 2012 10:10 PM by Gina Hall

We’re down to the top 16 on MasterChef and Gordon Ramsay hasn’t even begun to break out the extreme challenges yet. What’s in store for the contestants on Monday night? Let’s find out…
The initial MasterChef team challenge finds the contestants flying in via helicopter to cook for 201 hungry Marines. Have you ever seen those guys workout? This will be a challenge, welcome to Gordon Ramsay’s bootcamp. The contestants are divided into two teams and the Marines will indulge in a dish from the Red Team and a dish from the Blue Team. Frank is captain of the Blue team and David is captain of the Red. David chooses Helene, Ryan, Anna Becky, Josh, Mike and Monti. Frank chooses Tali, Tanya, Michael, Felix, Scott, Stacey and Christine.

Each teams has two hours and each meal must include a protein, starch and vegetable. Frank decides to go Italian despite Felix protesting that they should go all-American. The Red Team does go American with the pork chop.

Chaos ensues. Michael puts mushrooms on the grill with no seasoning and Joe points it out. Frank demotes Michael and puts Tali on the grill. On Red Team, no one emerges as a leader. Becky starts yelling.

Chef Ramsay sees that the the pork is way undercooked, that’s gotta get corrected lest they send the Marines home with a bellyache rather than a bellyful. Red Team serves their BBQ Pork Chops with Cole Slaw and Potatoes. The Blue Team serves Grilled Chicken with Pasta Salad. Joe notices a raw pork chop made it onto someone’s plate and the yelling commences. But after the vote, the winning meal goes to Red Team, raw pork chops notwithstanding.

Blue Team must face the first Pressure Test and one person will go home. The team captain, Frank, gets to choose one person to be saved.  He chooses Felix because she had the right instincts about American cuisine. She turns it down. Frank chooses Scott who also turns it down. Finally Stacey accepts the easy road.

The Pressure Test is going to be baking an Apple Pie to be judged on crust, filling and technique. They have a little over an hour to create. When time runs out, Frank is first to present. Chef Ramsay says it tastes delicious and Graham says the crust is very flakey. Chef Ramsay moves on to Tanya’s pie, which he calls a soggy mess. Tali’s pie is middling and Felix’s pie is not as sweet as Graham thought it would be. Joe calls Michael’s pie watery and the cheese is dry. Chef Ramsay tells Scott his pie looks terrible. The blind contestant, Christine, is up and Chef Ramsay says her pie is stunning and the taste is amazing.

The contestants gather to see who will be sent packing. It comes down to Michael or Scott. It’s Michael. Scott didn’t totally screw up by not taking the exemption, but how long will he be safe? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode of MasterChef!

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