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The Glass House Recap: The Show They Didn’t Want You To See

June 18, 2012 09:16 PM by Shayla Perry

It’s the show they didn’t want you to see. (“They” being CBS.) But despite the copyright complaints and requests for temporary restraining orders, tonight, 14 “unique players,” all claiming to be very “real” (we’ve heard that one before), await your vote to determine their every move on ABC‘s The Glass House. So is it really just a knock-off of Big Brother? YOU decide.

This week on the series premiere of The Glass House, 14 players moved into — you guessed it…a glass house, and after what felt like an hour-long meet and greet, were told that the viewers (hey, they’re talking about us!) voted that they’ll be divided into teams according to their hometowns — East vs. West.

It took some of them a little while to figure out where they belonged (um, yes, Jacob, Oregon is pretty far west), but eventually, they got it right, just in time to hear that they also have to decide on team captains.

Each week, the captain is at risk of ending up in limbo and potentially being sent home, so obviously, no one was in a hurry to volunteer.

So far, there are a few “interesting” players — like Alex, who’s all about being “primetime;” Erica, who’s just happy to be sleeping in a real bed; and Holly, who’s planning on using the men (and her looks) to her advantage, not wanting anyone to know that she has a background in psychology (BTW having a background in something and a degree in something are two different things, so um…be afraid, be very afraid).

After a housewarming party voted on by — yup, us again — Alex convinces Jacob to be the captain of the West team, while Jeffrey volunteers to lead the seemingly more organized East-coasters. Apollo immediately lets everyone know his strategy, which sounds a lot like he’s setting himself up to get PLAYED by not really playing the game. But, who knows? Maybe he’ll make it.

The West team is first to head out to the arena. Their challenge is to solve a puzzle, matching the opposing team members to a corresponding random fact about each of them.

Alex thinks that he’s right about everything, and as it turns out he’s 100% wrong…about everything. And there’s nothing worse than somebody who’s wrong and loud.

Miraculously, they finish, confident that the East team can’t beat their time. … Next time, they should listen to Erica and not be so sure of themselves, because the East beats them by about 4 minutes!

So, Jacob’s heading to limbo at the end of the week. Who’s going to be joining him?

It’s not long before Alex is campaigning for votes, going as far as parading around in Joy’s bikini. Someone needs attention…and a hug.

Kevin isn’t happy about Alex’s “inappropriate” behavior, but says it’s okay because he’s not going to be there for long. (That’s our call, Kev!)

With everyone having cooled down, it’s time to reveal the viewers’ answers to the players’ questions. The twist: The players only know the questions that they asked, therefore, only they understand the answers. For example, when Gene sees that viewers gave him the answer “women,” only he knows that we’re telling him it’s more important for him to create an alliance with women than men.

But, if you’re like Erica, you have your priorities, like wanting to know if Arie is still on The Bachelorette.

Alex, not surprisingly, wants to know if he should become the most epic villain on reality TV, and viewers voted “Yes.” (Though we’re sure he was headed in that direction anyway.) So, he gets right to it, immediately starting to offend everyone, one by one.

And, one by one, the players cast their stones, deciding to send Alex into limbo with Jacob.

Minutes later, Jacob decides to quit the game (what?!), but SUPPOSEDLY, whether or not Alex returns is still in your hands. Do you want him back? Cast your vote on The Glass House website, then tell us what you thought of the show in the Comments section below.

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One Response to “The Glass House Recap: The Show They Didn’t Want You To See”

  1. Kim Says:
    June 19th, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    Too bad that CBS didn’t get this thing stopped – it was the worst thing I’ve seen on TV in a long time! BORING!!


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