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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Preparing For Fashion Night

June 19, 2012 11:15 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last night on Fox‘s Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay and company left us hanging. Barbie, Danielle, Guy, and Patrick all found themselves on the chopping block following Hell’s Kitchen‘s first ever Mexican night. Ramsay sent Barbie back to the line almost immediately. The show ended with Danielle, Guy, and Patrick waiting to hear their fate. Who stays and who goes?

In the end, Danielle is eliminated for serving raw pork – twice.  Danielle is out and Dana is devastated.  Dana is sad that her best friend in the competition is leaving, but she also realizes this means she is the next target of the trio of ticking time bombs that is Kimmie, Tiffany, and Robyn. Meanwhile, Royce campaigns to be the new and improved team leader of the blue team.  Royce tells Patrick he’s slow and that he basically sucks. Nobody on the blue team is rallying behind Royce so the idea falls flat.

The Challenge:

Gordon Ramsay talks to the contestants about food trends over the years. Much like fashion, food trends are constantly changing and evolving.  From jello molds to fondue to Asian fusion… the only thing not changing is Brian’s love for the ladies.  Not listening to a word Ramsay is saying, he’s thinking about cuddling with the models.

The challenge is to create three dishes fit for fashionistas and present them to three big names in the fashion world, David Meister, Amanda Che, and Ina Soltani.  In a nutshell, the judges are looking for healthy and spicy.

In the blue kitchen, Clemenza, Guy, and Royce work well together.  Brian is creating more sexy food.  Guy makes a love connection with one of the judges. The ladies can’t resist Guy.

In the red kitchen, Robyn and Kimmie aren’t seeing eye to eye.  Robyn disagrees with everything Kimmie suggests.  Robyn’s choices and Kimmie’s lack of push end up costing them the round.  Kimmie is mad. It goes like this for the rest of the episode – Kimmie to Robyn, “I’m pissed at you.” Robyn to Kimmie, “Talk to me.”  Kimmie to Robyn, “I don’t want to talk to you.” Then Kimmie storms off to either cry or punch things.  The highlight of the challenge is Tiffany serving the image-conscious crowd deep fat fried eggplant.

The judges for this competition were absolutely obnoxious.  One contestant calls them pretentious, which is spot on. Nevertheless, they declare the blue team the winners. The men and Roshni get to spend the day shopping for new clothes at a fancy boutique.  After shopping, they go wine tasting.  Sex-on-the-brain Brian flirts with the pesonal shopper at the boutique.  Modeling an outfit, he says to her, “You like what’s happening here?”  Somebody in charge at Hell’s Kitchen needs to arrange a conjugal visit for this man – STAT!

The losers are responsible for setting up the runway for the fashion show. Robyn weasels her way out of hard labor. Robyn starts to badmouth Kimmie. Kimmie continues to pout like a toddler. Tiffany is just happy nobody is harping about her brainless idea to serve deep fat fried food to the health conscious judges.

The Dinner Service:

On the morning of the fashion show/dinner service, Clemenza is too anxious to sleep.  He pulls a Barbie and wakes everyone up.  The teams head to the kitchen to prepare for the big night. Clemenza is nervous about his own dish being on the menu, and he’s grating on everyone’s nerves.

Kimmie still doesn’t want to talk about anything with anybody.

Chef Ramsay stresses how important the timing will be for this dinner service, more so than ever.  Which translates to, the bound to happen failures will be more dramatic than ever.  Because timing is going to be so important, Ramsay pulls one person from each team to help him plate, Kimmie for red and Royce for blue.

Ramsay is fuming when he finds out Clemenza has already started cooking. Sure, timing is everything, but the restaurant isn’t even open yet! Ramsay asks Clemenza if he wants to go home… right now!  Clemenza is off to a rough start.  Will he survive fashion night?

To Be Continued (again!):

Will the guys manage to cook AND not burn down Hell’s Kitchen with all the bikini-clad models strutting their stuff on the runway?  The red team hits a new low by stealing food from the blue team’s stock.  What happens to the bandits when they’re caught??

Tune in next Monday for the continuation of fashion night!

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