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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Tiffany’s Wine Party (For One) Heats Up The Kitchen

June 19, 2012 12:52 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on Foxs Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay made two game-changing moves.  First, he sent home Don.  Well, hardly a game-changer, but he was funny.  Moving Roshni to the blue team was his second move. Hell’s Kitchen is serving Mexican cuisine tonight – for the first time ever.  Not for the first time ever – the women drink too much and fight.  Keep reading for all the details!

The women are divided – Dana, Danielle, and Christina hate Kimmie, Robyn, and Tiffany.  And vice versa.  The only thing they agree on is that everyone hates Barbie.  This divide is evident all night long. Robyn starts the night with some insightful words.  She says, “It’s going to start getting dirty.”  Because it’s been so nice and clean up until now? Is she serious?

The Challenge: 

Chef Scott carries in the biggest donkey pinata on the planet. Each team will have 90 seconds to grab as many balls as they can, up to 25 balls.  The ingredients listed on their 25 balls are the only ingredients they will have  to prepare 5 “stunning” Mexican dishes.  It’s  a mad dash for balls!

For this challenge, each teammate will cook a dish.  Then the teams need to decide which five they will present.  There are two guest judges this week, John Sedlar and Thomas Ortega.

Brian says he has this challenge in the bag! He knows Mexican food. Brian then has an erotic daydream about his tacos. While Brian is confident and mentally making love to his tacos, Danielle is nervous. This is her first experience preparing Mexican food.

Two people on the blue team make taco dishes, so they’re trying to decide whose dish will be presented.  It’s between Brian and Royce. The team decides that Patrick, their self-appointed team leader, can make the final decision.  Patrick chooses Royce over Brian. Perhaps Brian’s taco is too sexy for Hell’s  Kitchen.  And how funny – Royce’s taco loses to Kimmie’s taco.  Brian is pissed off!  His taco would have won, of course.

After all of the dishes have been tasted and judged, there’s a tie. Ramsay breaks the tie.  He gives the point to the red team, sending them for a fancy pants lunch with, apparently, endless alcohol.  While the women are drinking, eating, and drinking some more, the men and Roshni are prepping the kitchens and forced to eat the foul-smelling tripe.  The women return from their lunch not just half baked – but well done!  Oh, look! They finally manage to un-RAW! something.

That night, Tiffany hosts a drinking party (for one) in the hot tub.  With a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of wine (wine glass not necessary) in the other, Tiffany overhears Royce complaining about the judges choosing Kimmie’s taco over his own. Tiffany says she’s over all the bitching.  She institutes a no bitching policy.  Bitching does not equal gossip, apparently.  The next morning, Tiffany tells Kimmie all about Royce complaining about her taco. Only, she was too drunk to remember who said what, so, thanks to a BIG misinformation, we’re treated to a Kimmie and Dana showdown.

Is it just me – none of the women are likable.  Some are downright vile.

Dinner Service:

The blue team starts with their manners in check since Roshni joined their team.

Dana places meat and fish sharing the same tray.  The meat came from Kimmie, who told Dana it was okay to place the food on the same tray. Gordon Ramsay does not like this AT. ALL.  He demands to know who did it. The red kitchen falls silent.  After the LONGEST time ever, Kimmie finally takes the blame.  After that, she turns into a wild, moody beast.

Danielle places what she calls “the BOMB” pork chop. Ramsay explodes, alright, but not because its awesomeness blew him up.  It’s raw. Danielle places pork chops raw again.  She gets kicked out.

Gordon Ramsay starts cleaning house – Guy and Patrick are kicked out because they failed to communicate.

Justin puts out perfectly cooked pork chops.  Ha, just kidding, they’re RAWWWW!  Justin gets kicked out, bringing Clemenza down with him. Barbie gets kicked out for checking a chicken breast with a meat thermometer. (There’s no meat thermometer in Hell’s Kitchen!) Tiffany gets kicked out because she burned mashed potatoes.  Royce is out also.

The remaining members of each team manage to complete the dinner service.  Their customers were fed (eventually), both teams lose. Ramsay calls the night a Mexican Massacre.


The blue team nominates Patrick and Guy.  The red team nominates Barbie (shocker!) and Danielle.

Barbie tells Chef Ramsay, “I don’t think I deserve to be here.”  Ramsay agrees and sends her back in line.

Danielle’s plea is (paraphrased) – I messed up a pork chop.  I’ll probably never do that again.  Well, except for the time I did it again, right after that first time.  But, for real now, I’ll never do it again.

The contestant who falls victim to the Mexican Massacre is… no idea.

Fox ends the scene with a To Be Continued…

Out of Guy, Patrick, and Danielle, who should be eliminated?

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