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Dance Moms Recap: Is Abby Cheating Or Are The Moms Just Jealous?

June 19, 2012 08:18 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Dance Mom's Abby Lee Miller

The drama continues in the newest episode of Dance Moms. This week, it appears the BFF thing between Melissa and studio owner Abby Lee Miller is finally breaking down. Keep reading for more Dance Moms highlights!

Abby Lee Miller starts the episode by congratulating her dancers for a job well done. Then, she wastes no time getting to the pyramid of doom. Brooke and Paige are on the bottom with no solos, which is, of course, Abby’s way of punishing their mom for pulling her daughter’s solos last week. Maddie’s back on top as usual, but the surprise for this week is that Nia is second from the top!

This week, the team travels to Michigan to perform at Energy Dance Competition for a second time. And, according to Abby, two studios are attending specifically in hopes of knocking Abby off her pedestal. This means that she is going to have to “pull out all the stops.” Abby then announces the routines for this week: a group number called Silver Spoon, a duet for Maddie and Chloe, and solos for Nia, Mackenzie and Maddie.

The big question on tonight’s episode of Dance Moms: did Maddie cheat? As you may recall, after losing her way for a bit, Maddie managed to regain her composure and come back for a win on last week’s episode. But moms Christi and Kelly think that Maddie’s win resulted from a purposefully scratched CD. After all, Abby Lee Miller knows all the tricks of the trade, which means that she surely knows that dancers who manage to keep their cool through skipping music often win big. Abby, of course, adamently denies any foul play. She responds to Melissa’s confrontation by telling her  that the other moms are “once again jealous that your kid won.”

It’s hard to know whether to side with Abby or the moms on this one. They both sound so ridiculous. However, purposefully scratching a CD is a pretty risky move, so if Abby did cheat in this manner, she must have been feeling pretty desperate.


During the final practice before Michigan, Kelly finds yet another reason to be mad at Abby. Since there are five dancers this week, the Abby Lee Dance Center ends up with two pink dresses, two blue dresses and one green dress. Abby doesn’t want Paige to stick out, so she has her switch with Chloe. The result? Chloe’s dress is way too small and Paige’s is way too big. Doesn’t matter to Abby though, as long as Paige doesn’t stick out.

Tensions may be high when the Abby Lee Dance Company makes it to Michigan, but once they arrive, there is at least some good news. Chloe and Maddie’s duet look great and Abby says “I’ve never seen them look so good together.” The Silver Spoon dance even looks good, in spite of all the mishaps with the spoon and the costumes. Unfortunately, both the duet and the group dance get 2nd place, which, of course, is not good enough for Abby.

There is some unexpected good news: Mackenzie scores first place! As Abby has pointed out, this miniature dancer has really been working hard on her tricks and it definitely shows. The next task for Mackenzie is to grow stylistically. Still, perfect execution of tricks and mature dancing is a lot to expect from a 7-year-old!

Dance Moms returns next week at 9 pm EST. Be sure to watch for your weekly fix of dancing and drama!

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