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MasterChef Recap: Gordon Ramsay Goes Crabby

June 19, 2012 10:15 PM by Gina Hall

Episode 6 of MasterChef brings us some new challenges from Chef Gordon Ramsay. What’s in the Mystery Box? Read on to find out?

That’s right! You guessed it! The MasterChef Mystery Box Challenge involves cooking bull testicles and a cow’s tongue. And the contestants have 90 minutes to prove that they can make something tasty out of them.

Ryan boasts to Chef Ramsay that he is going to win it all and Monti will go home.  The contestants rush to finish their dishes. First up is Becky with Sweetbread Duo with Chicken Liver Pate on Buttered Toast. Chef Ramsay says it works, Graham calls it delicious. Joe said he could serve it at a restaurant.

Next up is Ryan with Sweetbreads with Potato and Shallot Curry Oil. Graham said it’s a great dish, Chef Ramsay calls it delicious. Christine made a Panko Fried Sweetbreads with Bok Choy. Joe said it is really terrific and a great accomplishment. Chef Ramsay says it’s perfection. After some judge debate, the winner is Ryan.

Ryan is now in charge of the Elimination Challenge. The theme is fresh versus convenience food using Ahi Tuna, ham or crabs. Ryan chooses crab. Ryan also finds out he doesn’t have to cook, so he is safe for the time being. In addition, he gets to choose who cooks with fresh crab and who cooks with canned crab.

The contestants have 60 minutes for their crab dish. Monti winds up with the canned crab and she wishes Ryan gets real crabs. Christine, the blind contestant, struggles and gets a cut from the crab, the medics are called. The judges think Tali and Helene are completely clueless in the kitchen.

Tali prepared Paprika Buttered Crab with Saffron and Watercress Sauce. Graham calls it a horror movie. Chef Ramsay says Tali should start packing his knives. Josh made Thai Crab Trio Curry and Rice with Crab Cake and Salad. Joe says the dish rises to the top. Mike made Crab Bisque. Chef Ramsay says the crab like crab. Tanya made Thai Green Curry with Rice and Frank made Orecchiette Puttanesca with Homemade Pasta. Joe calls Frank’s dish Hamburger Helper. Christine made Ceviche Cocktail with Tomato Juice. Chef Ramsay says it is delicious she cooks like an angel. Helene made Dungeness Crab Soup with Cornbread. Joe says she made the fresh crab tastke like canned crab, Graham calls it Shredded Wheat. Monti made Scotch Egg with a Crab Shell. Chef Ramsay says she is a freak and it works.

The judges deliberate and choose Josh and Christine as the winners, so they will be team captains for the next challenge. They call out the worst dishes: Tali, Frank, Mike and Helene. Three of them had fresh crab. Frank and Mike to step forward, they are safe. Tali and Helene are left and it’s Helene who is going home tonight.

Stay tuned as the chefs start to dwindle down to the very last! Who will wind up with the cash prize and the cookbook? Who deserves it?

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