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Bristol Palin’s New Reality Show Causes Quite The Uproar – In More Ways Than One

June 20, 2012 11:00 AM by Lisa Princ

Bristol Palin‘s new reality show debuted last night, and in typical Palin fashion, it is already causing quite the uproar. What did the Dancing With The Stars alum do now? And why is another alum slapping the new series with a lawsuit? All the details after the jump.

Bristol Palin’s new show, Life’s a Tripp premiered last night, and apparently the show is causing uproars in more ways than one. According to a report in Star Magazine, Bristol Palin wanted her ex, Levi Johnston to appear in the series, but Levi refused, and according to Levi’s fiancee, Bristol has retaliated out of spite. “Bristol got so angry after he refused that she hasn’t let Levi see or talk to Tripp since,” Sunny Oglesby, who happens to be pregnant with Levi Johnston’s child, told the gossip magazine. Is there truth to this rumor? According to other sources, Levi Johnston owes Bristol nearly $20K in child support, which could be another reason she is withholding Tripp from seeing him.

Meanwhile, another Dancing With The Stars alum, Kyle Massey is slapping the show with a lawsuit, as he claims the show was his idea. According to TMZ, Massey and his brother met Bristol Palin while on Dancing With The Stars, where the show idea was developed, and the Massey brothers were to appear on the show with Bristol to help her with adjusting to life in L.A. as a single mom. Kyle Massey and his brother are reportedly suing the show, as they were each supposed to receive about $500K for appearing on the show, and they also want the show shut down since they claim it was their idea.

Oye, will poor Bristol Palin ever catch a break? Who cares! What do you think? Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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