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Love In The Wild Recap: It’s Getting Crowded In The Wild

June 20, 2012 11:30 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on NBC‘s Love in the Wild, Summer took out Tim and Shauna.  She chose Ryan over Tim and Ryan was Shauna’s partner. Tim now regrets smashing the cake in Summer’s hair, wishing he would have done it to another girl instead.  Lovely. Host Jenny McCarthy sent Tim and Shauna on their way, and then she introduced six more women to the game.  Sharpen your claws, Ladies.  This sounds like a perfect recipe for some cat fights!

Each guy gets to choose one girl.  The new trios are:

Chase, Ali, and Jenna

Ryan, Summer, and Natalie

Jesse, Tara, and Melissa

Jason, Cina, and Vanessa

Ken, Yanina, and Lindsay

Ben, Jenny, and Michelle


Jenny McCarthy breaks the news to the women – half of them will be going home at the next couples choice ceremony.  The teams need to find a lantern from one of the trees.  Next, a map to find their way to the amber… all while their legs are shackled with leg cuffs.  Just for fun.

Jenny is prepared to sabotage the challenge because she doesn’t want to share the Oasis with Michelle.  During the cave part of the challenge, Jenny goes into the cave with Ben and leaves the maps.  Ben figures her out right away.

Chase brought Ali into the cave because he was anxious to kiss her.  He was quite disappointed when the kiss felt cold.  On the other hand, Jason and Vanessa each felt some butterflies after sharing a kiss.

Despite Jenny’s best efforts at sabotage, Ben, Jenny, and Michelle are the first trio to find the amber.  Ken, Yanina, and Lindsay are right behind them.  The last team to arrive this week is Jesse, Tara, and Melissa.  Tara is disgusted.  The princess does not want to sleep outside.

Mingle Time:

Jenny is whining about going to the Oasis and winning a sailboat ride.  She says, “I’m being a little brat.”  That’s an understatement.

Even with Lindsay around, Ken is still all about Yanina, which is very sweet.

Michelle and Jenny are complete opposites. Unfortunately for Jenny, Ben is more physically attracted to Michelle.  Ben and Michelle bond while Jenny pouts.

Ali is playing games with the new girls.  She starts by hiding their towels. Melissa tries to break the ice, but Ali continues to be childish.  Chase is not impressed with Ali’s games and immaturity.

Jesse and Ali connect.  Jesse bursts Tara bomb.  He tells her he wants to be paired with Ali. Then, shockingly, Tara confesses to “intimate relations” with Jesse.  Wow.

Couple Choice Ceremony:

Ben chooses Michelle. Jenny gets sent to the unmatched circle.  Ken chooses Yanina, of course.  Ryan goes with the new girl Natalie, taking out Summer.  Jason chooses Vanessa.  They both agree that they share a mutal connection.  A bitter Cina goes to the unmatched circle.  Chase sticks with Ali.  Jesse chooses Tara.

Taking a second look at the unmatched girls, Jenny McCarthy asks each guy if he wants to make a trade.

Ken absolutely does not want to trade.  Ryan exchanges  Natalie for Jenna.  Chase kicks out Ali in favor of Summer.  Jesse’s plan is working perfectly.  He takes Ali.  Tara tells Jesse he’s “fake as hell.”

Jenny, Tara, and Cina are the original girls who have been eliminated.  Of the new girls, Natalie, Lindsay, and Melissa go right back out of the Wild.

The new couples are:

Ben and Michelle

Ken and Yanina

Ryan and Jenna

Jason and Vanessa

Chase and Summer

Jesse and Ali

So many partner switches in three weeks… this show is bananas.  Can’t wait for next week!

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