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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Tears and Injuries in 8 Grueling Rounds of Vegas Week

June 20, 2012 07:17 PM by Candace Young

The open auditions are over on So You Think You Can Dance and the dancers who were chosen to go to Las Vegas now face 8 rounds with ruthless cuts, which will determine who moves on.  The panel includes Lil C, Debbie Allen, Adam Shankman, Tyce Diorio, Nigel Lythgoe, and Mary Murphy. Keep reading for highlights…

The first round on So You Think You Can Dance Vegas Week is solos, and Nigel Lythgoe warns those assembled that they’re gone if their solo doesn’t stand up. Nothing like pressure! Hampton (the exorcist) is up first and has half the panel in tears with his brilliance. Amazing way to kick it off! After the first 10 solos, two girls are let go. Nigel’s belly dancer returns with an unbelievably sensual solo and wows the judges. Talk about good vibrations. Gah!

Comfort and Twitch run the hip hop round, but their choreography proves to be too difficult for some – particularly the three roommates from Dragon House who have only ever done their own moves. It’s a tearjerker when Hampton tells the judges he has to drop out. Boris from Dragon House also gets cut.  The Praying Mantis hits the end of the road, along with mother of two, Bree.  The last remaining member of Dragon House, Cyrus, performs his hip hop. He makes it through!

In the Broadway round, ‘Team Ballroom’, who look like two barbie dolls, perform and go through. The belly dancer, Janine, does too! Joseph and Trey are among the cuts, and Alexa, who was cut last year in Vegas, scrapes through, but Adam warns her he’s sick of saving her – she could be the star of the show, but she’s ‘dead’ as far as expression and connecting with her partner.

Shafik, the chair performer, is struggling to keep up in the jazz round. He and Rachel from Utah are cut by the panel after their routine. Rachel appeals for a second chance and the panel votes to give it to her. Giovanni kicks Danielle in the head during his jazz routine, and is let go. Whoops! Danielle has to be looked at by paramedics.

Amelia, she of silent movie inspiration, is powering through the rounds, but the panel is split on her fate following the jazz audition. She will get to dance for her life. Cyrus has trouble with technique, but is put through. He cries. Aw! Meanwhile, Danielle’s been taken to the hospital. Eep.

After the jazz round, 15 more have been cut. Rachel and Amelia both have to dance for their lives. Rachel plans to stick to the burlesque style. She reminds me of Britney Spears. The panel gives her routine a thumbs down. Debbie tells her she’s relying on sex appeal when she should put on some clothes and dance. Amelia has her shot, and dances beautifully – she has Adam in tears. All of the panelists give her a ‘yes’ except for Nigel, who feels she is unable to make them feel the same way when given someone else’s choreography. She’s through to the next round with Nigel’s disapproval ringing in her ears.

Cat Deeley tells the remaining contestants they will be able to choose their own groups for the next round. Fatigue is setting in and nerves are fraying.

After being up most of the night, the dancers show their routines the next morning. Danielle returned, but joined her performance group late so they’re really at a disadvantage. The performance is a mess – totally out of sync – but only Danielle and Charlie are cut. In the ensuing groups, more are cut and the dynamic in the theater becomes emotional. Aubrey’s group performs and things turn around. The panel thinks her concept was genius, and they all go on.

Alexa’s group performs and Tyce tells her it’s like the lights are on and nobody’s home. They badger her about her lack of emotion until she cracks and cries. Mission accomplished. The group makes it through.

Tackling the Cha Cha is a challenge for Cyrus, but again, he refuses to be intimidated. After the performance for the panel, he winds up in the position that he’ll have to dance for his life.  The Footloose boy goes home, as do a few of the girls. Aubrey, who blew the judges away in the group round, is devastated to be let go. Alexa will have to really bring it and connect with her partner in this round after all the warnings. She does it!

At the end of the ballroom round, Cyrus, who has become a favorite of the other dancers, takes the stage to dance for his life. His pop ‘n’ lock is insane – he goes through.

At this point, 18 dancers are told they must perform again as the judges are unsure about them. Just two are able to change their minds and continue on to the final day of Vegas Week.

It’s crunch time for the remaining dancers as on the last day they must perform solos in hopes of sticking around. Joshua lands hard on his back or neck in practice and has to be taken away by ambulance in traction. He was unconscious – it doesn’t look good.

The solos commence. Alexa is first. Debbie Allen thinks she could win the whole thing. Tyce seems to question that. The others do their thing and tell the judges why they should move on. Chehon goes last and has the judges exclaiming outloud over his ballet. He’s ridiculous. One dancer says he’s not from this planet.

Nigel calls the boys together. Five are cut including Trey and Adrian.  Next, it’s the girls’ turn. None are cut. 35 dancers in all make it to the end of Vegas Week!

Next week…the Top Twenty are chosen, plus an update on Joshua.

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