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The Glass House: What’s The Deal With Alex?

June 20, 2012 02:00 PM by Shayla Perry

At first glance, he seems innocent enough. But as soon as “Prime Time 99″ opened his mouth during the season premiere of ABC‘s The Glass House, America collectively wondered: Who is this guy? And more importantly, is he for real?! Yes, Alex, the free-style rapping bail bondsman from Texas is real, and depending on your vote, we may be stuck with him for a while as he sets out to be the most notorious reality TV villain of all time. (At least he has goals, right?) See what the overtly modest “Prime Time” has to say about himself, where he got the nickname, and why you won’t want to miss what he’s about to do in The Glass House. (Prepare yourself for lots of eye-rolling!)

“My name is ‘Prime Time 99,’ and I am on the grind all the time, baby,” 25-year-old Alex of ABC’s The Glass House writes.

“I live my life one day at [a] time and the most joy I get out of it is making other people laugh. I have always been the class clown and I have never been afraid of the spotlight,” the steak and shrimp lovin’ Texan continues. “I am excited to compete in The Glass House because I have been a top level competitor my entire life. I was captain of my High School football team, where I wore the number 99 loud and proud on my chest.  I still carry the nickname with me today.”

“I have never or will never be afraid of anything on this planet because I live my life without fear,” says Alex, who adds that he’s a “true patriot who loves America more than anything.” (Anything, except himself, that is.)

“While I am in the house I promise to be the life of the party because that’s the only way I know how to live my life,” he boasts. “Life has given me so many lemons so I know how to make some delicious lemonade. If at first I rub you the wrong way, just give me [the] chance to show you how kind of a person I really am.

“I was raised by a single dad so my father is the most important person in my life,” writes Alex. “He is also my best friend in the entire world. Now my mom is an angel, but she is also the one who taught me how to be the life of the party. I wear my heart on my sleeve and there is nothing more on this planet that I want than to make you happy.”

What do you think RTVM: Do you want to see Alex er– Prime Time 99 return to The Glass House, or are you ready to put an end to this guy’s 15 minutes of fame? (Remember, Jacob quit the show, so it’s just a vote on whether or not Alex sticks around…supposedly.) Sound off in the Comments section below.

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