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Love And Hip Hop’s Joseline Hernandez: TMI Tweets

June 21, 2012 02:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

As if being on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta wasn’t enough of a ploy for attention, reality star Joseline Hernandez has been busy sending out tweets that she’ll later regret (or at least, her publicist will). What vital information did Joseline reveal during her recent Twitter-thon? Keep reading to find out!

You have to love celebrities who don’t know how to show restraint over the Twitterverse. Their rants provide endless entertainment. Joseline Hernandez is the latest reality star to reveal a little too much to her Twitter followers. The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta celeb decided to refute accusations of her not being female by tweeting a nude photo. The picture was accompanied by the following caption: “I am 100% women. I’m clearly perfect cause that’s the only thing y’all can say sence I air my dirty laundry on tv. F ck y’all haters.” Unfortunately for Joseline, the tactic backfired, with the “haters” just using it to add fuel to the fire.

Joseline Hernandez didn’t stop with her controversial photo. She then followed with a series of equally facepalm-worthy tweets. “I’m Gona F*ck @hitmansteviej til i die even when i get married!!! if i dont marry him f*ck yall. we are in business n i wan the beef cake.”

Good to see Joseline showin’ the love. For more delicious drama, tune in to Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta on VH1.

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Photo Courtesy of VH1

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One Response to “Love And Hip Hop’s Joseline Hernandez: TMI Tweets”

  1. Nawteeanak Says:
    June 22nd, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    ummmm she is a bitch. If I seen such a ratchet thing in person? I think I’ma have to throw down on a hoe. Mimi, I give you MAD props for staying a lady and thinking of your child. I respect you because you’re being a good mother. Joseline… HA. I don’t know what your mother taught you but you must have been through some SHIT when you were younger to be that damn stupid and ignorant. You can’t even talk right. “It’s not bout do fuck?” Who in their right mind talks like that and then is proud to wear a wig and all that caked-up make up. Um.. Ratchet. Mother Fucker I would show you how some hands throw down from the south cause I can’t handle your low lifed standards. Have some damn self-respect. You can go ahead and be mad at the tabloids and people talking mad shit about you cause bitch, you did it to your self. Go back to stripping because FYI you ain’t got the package. Moronic, caked-faced, wig-wearing, I-can’t-speak-english, Mother Fucker.


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