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No ‘Love In The Wild’ For Jenny Blatt and Tara Locke

June 24, 2012 02:00 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on NBC‘s Love in the Wild, Jenny McCarthy surprised everyone by introducing six new women to the Wild.  In return, that means six had to be eliminated at Tuesday night’s Couple Choice Ceremony.  Melissa Alatorre, Lindsay Furman, Natalie Korzon, Cina Luks, Tara Locke and Jenny Blatt were eliminated. Cina, Jenny, and Tara, part of the original cast, were dropped by their men in favor of new girls. Jenny Blatt and Tara Locke dish about the Wild experience.

Jenny Blatt and Tara Locke shared some insight on their time on the show and their partners in an interview this afternoon.

Jenny, did your opinion of Ben Clark change at all after actually watching the show and hearing some of his comments?

Jenny: I think that Ben was pretty honest with me the whole time. I had an inkling that he was going to go in that direction. I don’t think my opinion changed of him. But I was shocked that he thought that I was trying to sabotage the adventure because I never would have done that.

Yes, I maybe wanted to, but the fact that he actually said that was shocking to me. It didn’t really change my opinion of him.

Tara, you said that Jesse Wilson was fake as hell. Are you glad things turned out the way they did? Or are you still mad that he didn’t tell you earlier?

Tara: You know, I wish he had confronted me earlier and been truthful with me from the beginning. In the end though, I’m glad that I didn’t end up with someone who is such an asshole!

To both, how could you (or would you) have played the game differently?

Jenny: For me, I’m really loyal. So I felt like I was doing the right thing by staying with Ben even though I wasn’t sure about our connection. Looking back, I should have played the field. I should have looked around just to see some of the other guys. That’s how I would have done it.

Tara: Well, I’m used to guys coming after me. The fact that these guys were more laid back, for me, that was very bizarre. I actually had to go after them, and that’s not something I’m used to. So, a lot of the time I felt myself being more passive and not the aggressive woman I needed to be on the show.

Watch NBC’Love in the Wild on Tuesday night  to see if Tim and Jesse regret their decisions.

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