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America’s Got Talent Recap: Mediocrity Abounds In Vegas

June 25, 2012 07:28 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

America’s Got Talent has finally made it through the exhausting audition process, which means that it is now time for (drumroll please) Vegas! This week, viewers get to see the return of several deserving (and a few undeserving) acts. Keep reading for all the details from tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent.

It’s Vegas week on America’s Got Talent and the pressure is on. The contestants take a little time to bond over the blackjack tables, but the entire time, there’s a definite undercurrent of competition. Before the auditioning begins, the contestants gather in the lobby of the Palazzo to learn about the format for Vegas week. The judges announce that the contestants will be divided into two main groups. In group A, the judges’ favorites. Group B is made up of standby acts. Several additional acts have the misfortune to not be included on any list at all, meaning that their trip to Vegas is all over.

After the initial cuts, everyone moves outside for the danger category. First up is All Wheel Sports, the bike and dance group that knocked the socks off the judges early in the season. Howard Stern thinks the act is too busy.  And a fall may derail the entire group’s hopes for moving on to New York.

Ben Blaque is a crossbow specialist who specializes in the spectacular. The beginning of his performance is ho-hum, but it ends with a bang when Blaque shoots a balloon backwards with his eyes blindfolded.  Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne think the crossbow schtick is getting a bit repetitive but Howard is impressed by Blaque’s bravery (not to mention the guts of the assistant holding the balloon).

The danger acts are over and now it is time for some singing. The singers are having a rough time in Vegas. Luna especially struggles, once again having an attack of the nerves.  The judges are unhappy with her “defeatist attitude” and her “lack of effort.” They express their embarrassment at letting Luna through to Vegas in the first place before telling her to pack her bags and head home.

Nikki Jensen breaks up the painful singing round with a lovely performance. Howard loves that she’s “original sounding.” But Howie worries that America won’t be as excited about someone with such a unique voice. Nikki’s fate isn’t certain, but she does have a better shot at New York than the other singers.

Next category: dance. The big competition today is Loyalty Dance Team vs 787, the Puerto Rican dance crew. Both crews employ similar choreography, which is why it’s likely only one will make it through to New York. Howard isn’t too happy with Loyalty, saying that they “took a step backwards.” 787 tries to switch things up with some new tricks, but unfortunately, two dancers collide, leading to a nasty fall. Howard still thinks that they are the more deserving dance crew, as they bring the element of excitement that Loyalty lacked.

The novelty category includes a huge variety of acts. First is Horse, the guy who specializes in getting kicked in the groin in every conceivable manner. After a ton of painful-looking stunts, Howie comments that Horse is the type of guy who just might win the whole thing.  If he did, the new show motto could be “America’s Got Talent: Busting Ball Across The Nation.”

Following Horse’s painful performance is the battle of the light artists. Light Wire Theater shows off an intriguing combination of dinosaurs and flowers. The Aurora Light Painters follows with some truly innovative ideas, but Sharon Osbourne laments that the act is “not yet perfected.”

For some reason, the opera acts are siphoned off into a completely separate category from singing. Sergio starts off the category on (literally and figuratively) a low note. He’s having voice troubles as a result of illness and, as Howard accuses, a lapse in memory. The other opera singers are also struggling today. Singing sensation Andrew De Leon begins his performance sounding amazing, but his nerves ultimately get the best of him. Sharon is willing to overlook Andrew’s flub, but Howard and Howie aren’t as forgiving.

Kind of a disappointing conclusion to an otherwise okay show. Hopefully, the next two episodes will end with a bit more fanfare.

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