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The Bachelorette Recap: Emily Maynard’s Sexy Encounters (and a Secret) in Prague

June 25, 2012 07:21 PM by Candace Young

Last week, after sending Travis and Ryan home on their dates, Emily Maynard chose not to eliminate anyone else in the rose ceremony on The Bachelorette.  Six remaining bachelors join Emily in Prague, but only four will continue on to introduce Emily to their families.  Keep reading to find out which bachelor leaves during the group date, and who follows in the rose ceremony…

Emily Maynard and the remaining bachelors are in Prague on The Bachelorette. Emily is thinking about how close she is to meeting the guys’ families. Arie Luyendyk Jr. scores the first one-on-one date.

Arie, looking a bit like a disheveled professor, walks through town with Emily holding hands and kissing, but she knows something about him that he’s not telling her – uh oh.

At this point, Chris Harrison comes on to explain that Arie once had a relationship with a Bachelorette producer named Cassie, and hasn’t admitted it to Emily.  An interview between Emily and Cassie is shown, in which they discuss the issue. Emily is glad to know, and is surprised that Arie never even told her he knows Cassie despite many opportunities. She asks, “What the ‘bleep’ is he hiding?”

Back on the date, Emily casually sets Arie up by asking if he truly feels he’s being open. He takes the bait – hook, line, and sinker – and goes on about how important trust is and how he’s a very trustworthy person. He adds that it’s crucial to be totally honest. Dig that hole, Arie! Emily mentions secrets. Arie takes this as a prompt to confess…that he has a tattoo with a woman’s name on it. Wrong.

Chris Harrison comes back on at this point to explain that Arie and Emily had an off-camera discussion about what he was hiding and he thought the relationship with Cassie was so brief it didn’t matter. Emily decides he’s right and her feelings for him trump his dishonesty. What?! Arie tells Emily he realized in Croatia that he loves her. This sends Emily into a bit of a tizzy – though she doesn’t show it of course – she tells the camera she’s scared, but so happy. They watch fireworks.

Back at the guys’ suite, Chris whines about not having had a date since Charlotte and is livid when John ‘Wolf’ gets the next date.  Emily gives John a hard time about not opening up enough before they go to paint on a wall. They go to a spot where lovers write on padlocks and lock them on the fence to solidify their love. John can’t get the lock to close properly – yeah.

At the suite, Chris continues to whine. Can’t stand this guy!

Later, Emily and John dress up and go down into the catacombs for dinner. It’s basically his last chance to connect. Emily learns that he’s closed down because he got his heart broken in the past. This seems to change her perspective, but it’s not clear if she just feels bad, or suddenly sees him romantically.

Sean, Doug, and Chris learn they’ll be on the group date the next day. As you might imagine, Chris is bitter. Especially when John returns and says his date went well. Sean decides to sneak out and look for Emily. He roams the empty, night streets calling her name.

Sean finds Emily and she is clearly into this surprise. He says he wanted some one-on-one time, and they make out. She talks a lot about how happy she is as they duck into a little restaurant. She apologizes for putting him on a group date and tells him it won’t be like that for long. They kiss some more.  His confidence is sexy and this whole move is romantic. They kiss up against a wall. Sigh…smokin’ hot.

On the group date, Emily takes a walk with Doug, whom she almost sent home in the rose ceremony last week – she’s really not sure about him. He sits with his arms crossed as they talk – body language bomb. Emily knows what she has to do. She tells him he did nothing wrong, but they’re not where they should be at this point – she won’t keep him from his son any longer. He’s a goner. Doug sniffles his way into a vehicle and departs, saying he didn’t see that coming – his girl radar is totally broken!

Emily winds up in a two-on-one situation with Sean and Chris after kicking Doug to the curb. Sean gets some alone time with her and elects to keep his hands to himself (upping the sexual tension!) while he tells her it’s natural for her to meet his family.  They exchange lots of hot kisses while Chris paces and complains by himself.

When he finally gets his chance to talk to Emily alone, Chris does exactly what you’d expect – he spends it whining that he’s upset with her. He goes in for a kiss, but Emily doesn’t seem that into it, and they rejoin Sean pretty quickly. Emily wastes no time in giving Sean the rose to symbolize that she’s ready to meet his family. Chris is insulted and pissed off and whines away to the camera. Ick.

Chris continues to whine the next day when Emily picks up Jef. Make him stop!! Anyway, Jef and Emily meet up with a puppeteer and have some fun. She thinks he would be a great dad because he’s a big kid himself – hmm.  He buys a puppet for Ricki. He’s sweet, for sure.  They go into a library with murals on the ceiling. They act out their own story with their puppets – it’s so cute how they address his initial awkwardness! He tells her he’s 1 million percent in love with her using his puppet. They kiss. Emily and Jef that is – not the puppets.

Jef talks about her meeting his family. He says his parents are away, but she would be meeting his siblings. He admits that he once broke up with a girl his family didn’t like, which freaks her out. They lay on the floor and talk about getting married and having kids, like, yesterday. They’re in sync on everything. I’m pretty sure he also told her how badly he wants to ‘do’ her – well, hello Jef!

Meanwhile, Chris, who doesn’t stand a chance at winning anyway, has realized his complaining was a huge turn-off and is lost in over-analyzing himself. Ugh.

Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony

Going into the cocktail party and rose ceremony, John and Chris are clearly on the chopping-block, but John thinks his date was phenomenal (egad) and isn’t worried at all.  Emily meets with Chris Harrison and says she doesn’t need a cocktail party – her mind’s made up.  Chris Harrison delivers the news and Chris goes outside to cry. The other guys actually feel bad for him – shows what they’re made of!

Emily begins the rose ceremony. Sean is safe. She offers roses to Jef and Arie before Chris snaps and asks to talk to her. They leave the room. Chris tells her he acted like a boy when he didn’t get the rose on the group date and that he took her for granted this week (huh?). Anyway, Emily buys it and sends John ‘Wolf’ home when they resume. John’s completely shocked since he was blissfully ignorant of the fact that his date with Emily wasn’t all he thought it was, and that he was actually kind of boring. See ya’!

Next week, Emily struggles with meeting the guys’ families and then having to send one of them home…

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