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America’s Got Talent Recap: The Return Of Tim Poe

June 26, 2012 07:51 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

It’s night two of the Vegas auditions for America’s Got Talent, and after a rather disappointing first episode, things can only get better. Or can they? Keep reading for highlights from tonight’s episode.

America’s Got Talent is in Vegas, but all the focus right now is on New York. There’s only 48 spots available and they’re filling up quickly! Performers are really going to have to bring it if they want to continue on towards their dream of an winning America’s Got Talent.

The judges have seen it all, and impressing them is a tall order. Eric Dittelman thinks he can do it though with his mind reading virtuosity. He asks Sharon Osbourne to think of her first crush (not Ozzy, of course). Eric gets the name (Robin) right, but the real kicker is, Sharon made the whole thing up. She never dated a guy named Robin.  As such, Eric’s abilities are really creeping Sharon out.

Escape artist Spencer Horsman is back with his riskiest maneuver ever. If things don’t go well, he’ll land in a small, watery grave. He rids himself of a pair of handcuffs and a series of Masterlocks with ease, but then drops his pick with only 20 seconds to go. Talk about nerve wracking! Amazingly, Spencer manages to make it out, but just barely. Howard Stern is impressed that he stepped it up a notch after the initial audition, but Howie Mandel doubts whether he could take it further in New York.

Eric and Olivia are back and, despite Howard’s protests, they are still not an item. Despite that, they still make a great music duo. Howard thinks that Olivia’s voice is strong enough to make for a headlining act.

Father/daughter duo Maurice and Shanice are back again with an enchanting duet, but there’s a bit of a slip-up. The judges think that Shanice could be amazing on her own but is being held back by her father. Father/daughter duo numero dos follows with Jorge and Alexa. Little Alexa is just as cute as ever, but Howard thinks the act feels too much like a dress rehearsal.

Next up: comedians. This is one of the tougher categories on the show, for comedians rarely make it as far as performers from other categories. Reactions are mixed for most of the comedy acts, although a few do manage to impress. Things don’t go as well for Frank the impressionist. After his joke about a spotted and endangered liver falls flat, he loses it and is immediately sent home.

Next is the child prodigy kids category. The poor children are stuck finishing homework before they can even get up on stage. Highlights include Sebastian the mariachi singer, Amazing Elizabeth the acrobat and the Untouchables, replacing their hot salsa from auditions with a fast-paced disco. The sad thing is, although the kids really bring it this year, sheer numbers mean that the majority of them will end up disapointed.

Judges’ favorites are rounded out with the male singer category. It looks like America’s Got Talent decided to keep Tim Poe in, even after the whole military fibbing debacle went down a few weeks ago. He doesn’t really compare to the others singers, so, even with his massive lie about military injuries, Tim Poe still won’t be going to New York. Good riddance.

Judges’ deliberations are next and its Sharon and Howie vs Howard on most of the big decisions. After a ton of arguing, they finally make their choices. A whole parade of amazing performers is sent home, but fortunately, the judges decide to hang on to a few of the more impressive acts.

Tomorrow, it’s time for the standby acts to give it all they’ve got.  How will they stack up next to the judges’ favorites? Stay tuned for a two-hour special!

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One Response to “America’s Got Talent Recap: The Return Of Tim Poe”

  1. Larry Says:
    June 27th, 2012 at 5:39 am

    it is a injustice that Andrew De Leon was not allowed to go on so that the public could voice their opinion as to weather he should be kept later on in the show. This young man has an extrodinary git and now his best chance to showcase it has been stollen away from him. this is an atrocedy that needs to be fixed. You need to bring this young man back for another chance. America loves him, bring him back


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