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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: 13 Chefs Compete On Fashion Night

June 26, 2012 06:30 AM by Melissa Stavarski

FOX‘s Hell’s Kitchen showed us a whole lot of “to be continued” last week. In the latest episode, the teams were preparing for the first Hell’s Kitchen fashion night. The previews for this week imply the red team steals food from the blue team.  Gordon Ramsay responds to the situation with, “You don’t just go in the blue kitchen and get what you want!  It’s a competition, you silly cow!” Does the red team really stoop that low? Read on and find out.

The models take the runway as the teams start preparing their appetizers.  Dana hates the models.  Brian loves the models.  Dana runs her mouth about how models have no place in a restaurant since they don’t eat.  The always-violent Kimmie wants to snap the models in half.  They should fear for their lives. I’m positive she could break them if she wanted to.  I picture her then biting their heads off with Gordon Ramsay screaming in her face, “Kimmie, that’s RAW!”

In the red kitchen, Tiffany’s overly confident and it hinders her performance.  Barbie warns Tiffany that her pan is not hot enough to cook scallops but Tiffany doesn’t listen.  Ramsay isn’t happy.  For the most part, the customers on the red side are happily eating.

The blue team is working well together until Ramsay hits Clemenza with a huge scallop order.  Clemenza is overwhelmed and falling behind.  Ramsay sends Royce backstage to ask the stage manager for an additional five minutes.  While he’s back there, he has grand delusions about dating a model after he wins Hell’s Kitchen. Brian steps in to help Clemenza with the scallops.  Their timing is dreadful, but the consensus is that the scallops are yummy.

Moving onto entrees, Patrick speaks for the blue team and promises redemption.  Ha.  Then the bikinis take the runway.  Guy says, “So that’s what we’re going to deal with?”  Guy is determined to stay focused despite the “boobies” walking around.  He focuses all right… on the girls and starts a fire in his pan.  It’s time for Clemenza to shine – he’s preparing his winning swordfish dish from the previous challenge.  His light is rather dim though.  He’s messing up left and right.

After putting out a bunch of nicely cooked meat, Robyn overcooks two beef and now she’s short.  She begs her teammates to get two more beef from the blue kitchen. Christina goes over to the blue kitchen but ultimately decides against interrupting their service.  (Wise choice!)  Ramsay’s getting his knickers in a bunch over the absence of beef. Robyn has to admit to her mistake.  She thinks taking two beef from the blue kitchen would be a great solution. Ramsay calls Robyn a silly cow!  Ramsay sends Robyn out to the dining room to offer a replacement dish to the dinner guests.  Robyn’s attitude stinks as she mocks the situation. In the blue kitchen, all eyes are on Guy’s meat.  When the meat finally makes it to the pass, it’s cold.

Kimmie plates the dishes for her team with Ramsay breathing down her neck.  She does it well, she declares herself a “masterplater.”  The red team completes their dinner service with all the chefs still in the kitchen! Royce’s plating pales in comparison to the “Master.”  He starts by wiping his plates with a dirty towel.  Ramsay catches Royce’s error in judgment and makes him sit in time out. The blue team also finishes their service with a full kitchen.  Ramsay then finds an entire pan of cooked swordfish in the blue kitchen.  Clemenza and Royce argue back and forth over who is at fault.

Ramsay declares the red team the winners.  The blue team loses and must nominate two for elimination.  The first name mentioned is Clemenza.  Clemenza doesn’t want to hear it.  He says, no way! Then, everyone says Clemenza, so he has no choice.  He nervously puffs on his cigarette and frantically shakes his leg up and down. The second nomination isn’t as easy.  Guy’s name is mentioned twice.  Guy mentions Brian.  Brian freaks out, takes a puff of his cigarette, and punches something.  Clemenza nominates Patrick.  With the names all over the place, the vote comes down to Roshni.  Roshni struggles.  Most likely, she resorts to “eeny, meeny, miny, mo.”

Facing Ramsay, Roshni names Clemenza and Guy for elimination.  Ramsay polls the blue team on the spot.  They all feel like Clemenza should be the one to leave.  Clemenza goes on a tangent about why he deserves to stay, which includes, “But Chef, I chased animals!”  Ramsay can’t argue with that, so he sends Clemenza back to the line.  Guy is eliminated.

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