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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: One Team Dominates The Night

June 26, 2012 11:59 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last night on FOX‘s Hell’s Kitchen, the blue team made too many errors during dinner service and it cost them a member of their team. Guy and Clemenza were up for elimination.  Clemenza fought for his spot in Hell’s Kitchen to the very end. Gordon Ramsay sent Guy packing and challenged Clemenza to bring that passion to the kitchen.  Tonight, it’s very clear that one team is there to win.  Which team dominates the night?

Clemenza is so anxious to redeem himself he doesn’t sleep.  He has many reasons to be anxious.  After the speech he gave at elimination, he has a lot to live up to.  Also, his team leader is out to get him. Patrick tells Clemenza he’s happy he’s still in the competition, complete with a pat on the back.  Patrick then turns around to tell the camera he’s making it his mission to get Clemenza out of Hell’s Kitchen, because he’s a snake like that.

The Challenge:

Gordon Ramsay presents each team with 4 covered dishes. The dishes are proteins, starches, vegetables, and a wild card plate.  Each chef may take one ingredient from each plate to prepare a dish.  If they take the ingredient, they must use it.  Since this is a team challenge, it’s really in their best interests to make sure each person has the best ingredient for their individual dishes.

The two teams approach this challenge completely differently.

As the dishes are uncovered, the blue team approach the plates in a civilized manner.  They calmly and briefly survey the ingredients and, for the most part, each chef takes an ingredient that benefits their recipe. In other words, they act like adults who are working together on a team challenge.

Over in the red kitchen, all hell breaks loose.  They’re arguing as soon as the very first plate of protein is uncovered.  They quickly decide it’s each woman for herself.  As each plate is uncovered, it’s a wild stampede to the plate.  They insult, push, and fight for what they want. In other words, they act like children who cannot grasp that this is a team challenge.

The dishes are judged by three esteemed executive chefs, Anita Lo, Douglass Keane, and Michael Cimarusti.  Most of the dishes earn 2 (out of 3) stars.  Barbie and Clemenza each fail to impress only one of the three judges.  All three judges take issue with Roshni, Kimmie, Royce, and Robyn’s dishes.

Royce serves a long hair in his dish. Ramsay says, “It’s bigger than Roshni!”  When the vegetable smack down happened in the red kitchen, Robyn got stuck with beets.  She hates beets, and she complains to the judges about the beets. Her bad attitude turns them off.

No matter how much they’re lacking in people skills, the red team proves once again that they have what it takes in the kitchen to win challenges.  The red team wins the challenge by one point.

Christina serves the only dish that earns three stars.  Ramsay adds her dish to the dinner menu.

The losing team is to clean the dorms and prep the kitchens for dinner service. The winning team gets treated to a day of luxury at the spa and their very own fancy cookware.  Barbie offends Robyn at the spa because she doesn’t want to share bath water.  Barbie sucks at making friends.

Dinner Service:

Gordon Ramsay invites two special guests to sit at the Chef’s Table in each kitchen.  In blue’s corner, UFC fighter Tito Ortiz.  In red’s corner, World Champion Sugar Ray Leonard.  Justin and Robyn are each in charge of taking care of the special guests.

Robyn tells Sugar Ray Leonard and his wife her entire life story.  She’s dreadfully annoying, but she absolutely positively thinks they LOVE her. Their love for her is probably right up there with Robyn’s love for beets.

Both kitchens eventually manage acceptable appetizers.  However, only the red team is serving entrees.  Roshni and Patrick struggle with the meat and fish.  The blue team fails to put out a single entree before Ramsay simultaneously kicks them all out of the kitchen.  He says to them, “Not one of you knows what the (beep) is going on!”

As the blue team gets a “piss off,” Tito takes a picture with his phone. Tito is thoroughly enjoying the show.

The red team is consistently communicating and serving good food.  The red team completes their own dinner service AND the blue kitchen’s dinner service.


Obviously, the blue team loses.  Again.

They sit down to smoke and discuss nominees.  Patrick knows he screwed up, but he doesn’t waste any time before he nominates Clemenza and Brian.  Brian and Clemenza stick together and argue that they do not deserve to be nominated.  Together, they agree the nominations should be Patrick and Roshni.

In the end, Brian and Clemenza lose the vote and are forced to name themselves as the nominees to Ramsay.  Ramsay is blown away.  He’s saying – What?  Why?  That doesn’t make sense.

Ramsay doesn’t understand why the team nominates the two guys on appetizers when the problem tonight is clearly entrees. Ramsay nominates Roshni and Patrick.  Roshni leaves Hell’s Kitchen.

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