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MasterChef Recap: Don’t Trifle With Gordon Ramsay

June 26, 2012 10:00 PM by Gina Hall

So with Ryan Umane out of the mix, how will the rest of the competition go down? Let’s see what happens in this episode of MasterChef with our homecooks and Gordon Ramsay!

Tonight is the Mystery Box and Elimination Challenge. The cooks get the Mystery Box first. Cowboy Mike gets a name appropriate a T-bone steak he always wanted. Corn, watermelon, peach and other items are part of the package as well.  The cooks have 60 minutes.

Becky decides to make a dessert and the judges think that takes guts. As time ticks off the clock, Christine doesn’t have anything but finally pulls it together.

Frank made Grilled T-Bone Steak with Corn, Slaw and Cream Sauce. Chef Ramsay likes it. Graham said it could be more acidic. Tanya is up next with Tarragon T-Bone Steak with Braised Cabbage and Corn Puree. Chef Ramsay says she took $15 of ingredients and turned it into a $40 dish. Becky made Caramelized Peach with Peaches and Cream Puree. Joe it’s excellent top. Graham likes its simplicity. Tanya is the winner of tonight’s Mystery Box.

Now Tanya’s in control of the Elimination Test. The cook’s theme is the judges’ favorite desserts. Joe’s likes tiramisu, Graham’s favorite is strawberry shortcake, and Chef Ramsay’s favorite is British trifle. Tanya won’t be cooking tonight, but she will choose the desserts each chef will be making.

The homecooks 60 minutes. Josh, Stacey, Becky and Monti will make the British trifle. Scott, Mike, Tali and Christine will make Strawberry Shortcake.  Felix, David, Anna and Frank will make Tiramisu.

Becky tries to borrow gelatin from Stacey, but, alas, Stacey has none to spare. Chef Ramsay is concerned that Monti has no sponge for her trifle. Monti starts a fire, unintentionally that is, trifle isn’t supposed to be en flambe.

Time is up and Tiramisu is on deck first. Felix goes up and Joe calls it disappointing. Anna is next, Joe says her layers are great. Frank is up and gets a passing grade. David is up and Joe calls his dish gross.

The British Trifle group is next. Josh is up and Joe calls it it is a bowl full of cream. Chef Ramsay calls Monti’s dish delicious. Chef Ramsay calls Stacey’s dish delicious. Joe spits out Becky’s dish and says it’s embarrassing.

Last up is Strawberry Shortcake. Joe calls Mike dish elaborate but not well executed. Chef Ramsay can’t find the strawberries in Christine’s dish. Graham calls Tali’s dish one of his favorites. Scott’s dish promised more than it delivered Joe says it’s dense and the whip cream is way too sweet.

Stacey has the best dish of the week, she gets to be captain on the next episode. The three worst of the evening are Scott, Felix and Becky. And it is Scott who is headed home!

Stay tuned for some more MasterChef action next week.

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