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MasterChef Recap: Gordon Ramsay and Hotel Madness

June 26, 2012 12:16 PM by Gina Hall

MasterChef has some more team challenges tonight! What do Chef Gordon Ramsay and the other judges have in store for the contestants tonight?

The MasterChef contestants get rousted out of their beds at 3:00 am for the team challenge. The task? Making the breakfast room service orders for the entire hotel where they’re staying. The dishes will include oatmeal, homemade pancakes, egg white omelet, a fresh fruit salad, eggs benedict and two eggs any style. Christine and Josh are the captains. Christine, Red Team, picks  Felix, Mike, Stacey, Scott, Tanya, and Ryan. Josh, Blue Team, picks Becky, Monti, Frank, Anna, David and Tali. And as winner of the Elimination Challenge, Christine is able to trade one of her teammates for one of Josh’s teammates. Christine kicks Ryan to the curb and takes Becky.

Teams have 90 minutes to prepare and 90 minutes to serve. Each team will serve 130 guests who and the guests will vote which team made the best food.

Josh delegates to his team. Frank is upset that Josh didn’t ask what people thought they’d be good at doing. On the Red Team, everyone talks about their strengths and weaknesses and go from there. Good idea.

Chef Ramsay doesn’t think Red Team has enough sauce for the eggs benedict. Graham thinks the Blue Team is making crappy food. Serving time starts and Monti, on the Blue Team, is flipping out over the 150 tickets in front of her. Red Team is also freaking out as the server waits for the food.

Blue Team starts to send out food but the Red Team is stuck. Felix a non-communicative expediter. Monti is a yeller, but that turns out to be a good thing. Just like Gordon Ramsay said, the Red Team runs out of sauce for the eggs benedict.

Blue Team is getting the food out, but the quality is bad. Joe returns a Blue Team plate that has a hair. Josh blames Monti. Things start to fall apart for Blue Team. For Red  Team Felix finds her groove and things pick up.

Time runs out. With 60% of the vote, Red Team wins. Blue Team has to face the Pressure Test. The judges decide David, Frank and Monti will not have to perform it. Ryan, Tali, Anna and Josh will be cooking a molten lava cake. Each cook will have the same ingredients and 45 minutes to make perfection.

Ryan’s first attempt collapses. Graham calls it liquid diarrhea. One by one, the other cakes collapse and there’s only a little time left. Finally, Tali’s cake keeps it’s form. Anna’s cake is up the next. Graham says she did a great job. Josh comes next, it but may be underdone. Ryan can only muster a collapsed cake and he’s just praying that it tastes better than the perfectly formed cakes.

The judges save Josh and Anna. They will stay. One of the “Dream Team” of Ryan and Tali will be going home. Chef Ramsay asks one of them to sacrifice himself on principle. Ryan brings up his apron and surrenders.

Very dramatic stuff on tonight’s MasterChef! Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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Photo Credit: FOX

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