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America’s Got Talent Recap: The Standbys Ask “Whatcha Gonna Do?”

June 27, 2012 08:10 PM by Stephanie Gustafson


The judges on America’s Got Talent have seen all their favorites (and rejected quite a few of them), so now it is time to let the standbys fight for their lives. Will the standby performers crack under the pressure? Keep reading for highlights from the final night of Vegas week on America’s Got Talent.

Last night, America’s Got Talent contained a mixture of excitement and disapointment. Fan faves such as Isaac Brown and Andrew De Leon sadly were sent home, but plenty of talented performers made it through to New York. Tonight, contestants will have to work even harder to get the judges’ attention.

Maybe a little magic will be enough to make an impression on the judges. Giani gives it a try by having each judge think of a name, a city and a number and then predicting. The act might be a bit more impressive if he hadn’t spelled ‘Milan’ with the letter ‘B,’

Jarrett and Raja try their hand at impressing the judges by making an entire orchestra appear out of nowhere. Howard Stern wasn’t so sure about this magic duo at first, but he’s glad that they “stepped it up” in Vegas.

Next up is the battle of the bands. The highlight of this section is probably a sousaphone player doing the splits…and then having to be lifted back up by his bandmates. There’s a lot of great bands in the standby category which is going to make the judges’ decision process that much more difficult.

Time for a little danger! Reptile handler Serengeti Steve walks out and shakes his head no when asked “are you ready for this.” But that’s not to say he isn’t ready; he just can’t talk because his mouth is full of cockroaches. He follows with a cobra act, which, if things go wrong, could result in instant death. The cobra gets a little love when Steve gives it a big ol’ smackaroo. It’s hard to say what the judges think though.

In any regular season, most of the kids on standby today would be in the favorite category. Numbers are not working in their favor. Lil Babywockee has some pretty cool moves, but her stoney face kind of detracts from the overall appeal. Lil Starr, on the other hand, is well known for her expressive face. Her dance features some hip hop, some tricks and a whole lot of tapping. The sad thing is, Lil Starr and Lil Babywockee are best friends, but only one is likely to get through.

After a montage of excellent young singers, the Williams Bruthuz head out on stage. Last time, Howie wasn’t a huge fan at auditions so they’re looking to change that.  Their moves are certainly unique, but there really isn’t enough wow factor in the routine.

It’s time for the circus! Benn Mendoza Circus provides an acrobatic interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. There’s some cool choreography, but with so much going on in terms of costumes, dance and contortionism, the whole act comes across as a bit cluttered.  Several other circus performers also struggle to impress. It’s hard to say who will make it to the next round.

This year, all age groups are represented in the rap category. Grannie G steps it up with a surprisingly raunchy strip tease. Sharon loves it, but Howie? Not so much. She is promptly followed by Burton Crane, aka whatcha gonna do guy. Unfortunately, his new rap sounds exactly like one he performed at his audition, and worse, there’s no catchy hook this time. The question for the judges is, whatcha donaa do?

There’s a lot of good dance groups in the standby section. The Scott Brothers are ready to “step out of the shadows and into the limelight.” Dressed like 18th century conductors, this duo really grabs the attention of Howard and Sharon, despite a lack of tricks in the choreography. An old-school performance to Dancing in the Street also causes a rift between the judges, with Sharon and Howie enjoying the enthusiasm and Howard comparing it to a dance recital.

The novelty category features, of course, a huge variety of performers. David Garibaldi combines dancing with artwork, creating a spot-on rendition of Elvis Presley. Virtual ventriloquist John Pizzi plays a marriage counselor bringing together America’s “most romantic couple” which, of course, is Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. Vegas just wouldn’t be complete without a little sucking up to the judges!

Cover your ears, for it’s time for Big Barry, the little man with the huge (and out-of-tune) voice. Howie loves him, but Howard thinks that, instead of appearing on America’s Got Talent, Big Barry should just open for one of Howie’s shows.

Turf and Stepz are known as the best street performers in their respective states (Cali and New York). They’ll be going head to head once again on the America’s Got Talent stage. Stepz has some sweet moves, but they’re clouded by an excess of props. Turf, on the other hand, is just bizarre. The judges appreciate the talent of both street dancers but don’t know if America will be able to connect.

Lindsey Norton is also in the solo dance category, but unlike her competitors, she’s not performing hip hop. Her routine is full of crazy twists and turns, but Howie thinks it looks exactly the same as the audition.

Time for the judges to figure out who is moving on to New York! As usual, they disagree about everything. Once they’ve made all the tough decisions, it’s time to break the news. As with last night, there’s a lot of good acts going home, but with so much talent, that misfortune was unavoidable. This, of course, begs the question: why the hell did Big Barry get through? Really, Howie?

Vegas is over, so next week, it’s on to New York! Stay tuned for more amazing feats from the top 48!



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