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Love In The Wild Recap: Jesse Searches For His Next Sure Thing

June 27, 2012 11:00 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Six women were sent home last week on NBC‘s Love in the Wild. Host Jenny McCarthy guides the remaining six couples through a new adventure and another grueling Couples Choice Ceremony this week. Which couples will overcome the challenges of the Wild and who will be sent home?  Keep reading for all the details!  

Ben and Michelle, Ken and Yanina, Ryan and Jenna, Jason and Vanessa, Chase and Summer, and Jesse and Ali survived last week’s brutal elimination.

When Jesse cut Tara last week, she outed their physical relationship. Ali, Jesse’s newest victim, says, “I’m not sure where Jesse’s head is at.” Um, I think she knows exactly where Jesse’s head is at.  Jesse moves fast, Ali moves slow.  Jesse makes a move in the lean-to and Ali shoots him down.


Collect 55 coconuts, trade them in for a horse, retrieve a map and directions for the rest of the challenge. Each team has the opportunity to build a wheelbarrow to move their coconuts.

Some actually build the wheelbarrow, but most carry the bucket of the wheelbarrow full of coconuts.

Summer and Chase and Yanina and Ken work very well together. Vanessa and Jason and Jenna and Ryan are holding their own in the middle of the pack. Jesse and Ali are a nightmare together.  Ali is too much of a drama queen for this show.

Summer and Chase and Yanina and Ken are way ahead but each team misses a crucial piece of the directions.

Jason loses a map in the water, which allows several teams to pass him and Vanessa.

I could listen to Ben talk about bananas all day. Ryan is struggling to carry 50 pounds of bananas.  His temper and potty mouth turns off Jenna.

Jesse and Ali are the first team to the finish line.  Oh, lucky duck, Ali. She’s not very excited about going to the Oasis with playboy Jesse. Ben and Michelle are second. Jason and Vanessa are the last team to cross the finish line.  Jenny McCarthy tells them there’s no more lean-to though.  Yay for a tent!

Mingle Time

Jesse thinks it’s the perfect point in his and Ali’s relationship for the Oasis.  What time would that be? Bedtime?  ”Ali and I have had a couple arguments, but I’m still attracted to her,” says Jesse.  I hope Ali packed handcuffs – and not for the reasons Jesse is hoping.  If she doesn’t keep Jesse in his place, literally, she best not fall asleep.

Summer and Chase are disappointed in themselves.  Not only because they fell behind, but because it allowed Jesse to move ahead.

Jesse questions Ali about her feelings.  She doesn’t give the answer he wants, and he’s immediately defensive.  Ali tells Jesse not to push her. Jesse calls her a Debby Downer.  ”The more time I spend with her, I realize Ali and I just don’t get along,” he says. This translates to, the more time I spend with Ali, the more I realize I’m not getting inside her pants.  Jesse is on the wrong show.  Even Love in the Wild is too stifling for Jesse’s libido.

Jason is truly feeling a connection with Vanessa.  She feels the same, and she tells him she recently lost her father to lung cancer. He’s touched that she shared something so personal with him.

Couples Choice Ceremony

Ali and Jesse get to pick first.  Each can pick anyone they want and that person cannot say no.

Ken speaks up.  Ken is worried that Jesse will go after Yanina.  Ken asks Jesse and Ali to consider how their choices will impact the real relationships that have been forming.

Ali wants to mix it up.  She chooses Ben.  He’s shocked and a little sad to be taken away from Michelle.  Jesse chooses Michelle.

Jenna and Ryan and Janina and Ken stay together.  Ken and Jesse exchange words.  It goes on for too long.  Ben finally steps in and asks them to stop.

Summer and Chase stay together.

Jason and Vanessa are the last couple, so they have been eliminated.

Next week, two couples are sent home and Jesse and Ben continue their spat.

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