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Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: Michael Loses It For Love

July 01, 2012 11:10 PM by Gina Hall

After a bit of a hiatus, Chris Powell and “Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition” returns and it’s back with another contestant trying to change is life for the better. Will he make weight? Let’s find out.

Michael, from Tarpon Springs, Florida, is 28 years old and has never kissed a girl. Probably safe to assume it hasn’t gone further than that either unless he had a really weird girlfriend. But he’s lonely and he wants to find his “special someone” and have a family.  He believes his weight is the barrier because, let’s be hones, personality really only gets you so far.

Enter Chris Powell. At the first weigh in Michael comes in at a weight of 493 pounds. He hasn’t stepped on a scale in years, so it comes as a bit of a shock. He meets with Paulette Lambert, Head Nutrionist a the California Health Institute. His diet consist of one cup of carbs only 1800 calories a day.

Chris Powell takes Michael to the gym and challenges him to “fight or flight.” Michael keeps quitting and Chris tells him he’s going to walk out the door. Mike breaks down and Chris, true to his word, leaves. Michael decides to give it another go and he thinks he’s ready now.

Michael returns to his renovated home. Chris gives Michael his first goal. He has to lose 120 pounds in three months. If Michael makes weight, Michael gets a dating specialist and matchmaker.  Michael says “I just want a regular, nice goal…who is extremely hot.” You’re not shallow at all, Michael.

As Michael gets going, he starts to vomit a lot due to the hormonal changes and the exercise.  Chris also notes that Michael is not giving 100%. Enter Michael’s family. They want for Michael’s success and so they decide to lose weight with him, 500 collective pounds. That gets Michael going.

On Michael’s birthday (Day 64) he gets a new haircut and gets set up on a workout session with the WWE Divas. Michael has been a WWE fan since childhood.

After 120 days Michael loses exactly 120 pounds. He’s halfway there. Time for Chris to move out of Michael’s home. Now Michael has to lose 70 pounds and the goal is to compete in a triathlon.

Michael gets his meeting with the matchmaker who sends him off to a speed dating event. At the end of the night the matchmaker has 5 women rate Michael. On charm, he gets a 8. Sense of humor, he gets a 7. Sex appeal he gets a 3.8. Ouch.

Michael wants to lose even more weight. At Day 142, Michael’s friends set him up on a putt-putt date. Michael finally gets his first kiss!

Once Michael is with this new girlfriend he starts to slack. Chris is concerned that Michael won’t make weight. At the 6 Month Weigh-in, Michael is 14 pounds shy of making weight.

Chris challenges Michael to finish a triathlon in 5 hours. The 1.5km swim goes pretty well. The 40km bike ride goes without a hitch. The running is what gets him. Michael completes the race in a little over 4 hours! Yay, Michael!

Michael has to lose 50 more pounds, so far he has lost 47% of his original body weight. Michael meets with a doctor to see if he’s eligible for skin surgery.  The extra fatty skin is causing him back pain. Fortunately, Michael is a good candidate for the surgery.

After one year a crowd gathers in front of Michael’s place. The new Michael emerges looking so much healthier and happier. In addition, Michael’s family has lost 442 pounds. Michael now weighs a total of 238 pounds for a total loss of 255 pounds!

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