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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Forget The Past, For Now

July 01, 2012 05:51 PM by Megan Thompson


The Real Housewives Of New Jersey is all new tonight on Bravo. Teresa has finally caved and is going to therapy with her brother. What will therapy reveal? Keep reading to find out all the details from tonight’s RHONJ.

Juicy is working on building a garage and he has his employees girls working on the job.  Teresa is supervising the job until Rosie stops by for a chat.  Rosie is sick of all the bullshit tabloids trashing her sister and wants Teresa to put a stop to it.  Teresa denies putting anything in the press about Kathy and tells her there are a lot of bad stories about her and Joe out there. When Rosie mentions she felt that she didn’t fit in when she was younger, Teresa assures her she definitely did fit in.  ”Kathy left her out, she hated the fact that her sister was gay,” Teresa drops this bomb.  Oh no she didn’t!  Is Teresa just trying to cause more problems? 

The Gorgas and Wakiles are hanging out, when Joe shares that Teresa is ready to go to therapy.  Maybe Teresa thinks it’s retail therapy? Rosie drops in and tells the group she had a chat with Teresa. Rosie admits that Teresa seemed sincere, but questions if she wants to fix her family issues because she has no more friends. Ding! Ding! Ding! 

The Manzos are all hanging out, having dinner of course.  Jacqueline wonders if the Giudices will still come on the Napa Valley trip or not.  It might be awkward, but nothing seems to bother Teresa.  The main concern for Jacqueline isn’t Teresa, it’s her messed up daughter.   

It’s the day of the big therapy session, so Teresa tells her girls she is going to “lunch” with Joe.  “Are you ready for this?” Joe asks Teresa when he meets her at the therapist’s office.  The therapist decides to talk to each person alone first and then bring the two of them together. 

Teresa is very cold at first and denies any wrong doing in her and her brother’s relationship. When the therapist digs deeper he sees the main problem Teresa has is with…Melissa.  The guys gives Teresa the advice to walk away instead of fighting and not to have a chip on her shoulder.  That’s walk away Teresa, not flip a table.  Hmm- not sure if Teresa will follow his advice.

It’s Joe’s turn to sit down on the couch.  Joe feels that Teresa is competitive and evil towards his wife.  “I don’t think she meant for all this to happen,” Joe tells the therapist. The therapist brings in Teresa, so the two can talk it out.  Dr. Michael suggests that the two forget about the past and get together more as a family.  Teresa thinks the trip to Napa will help their relationship and they should share an RV.  The doctor begs Teresa not to share an RV, he thinks they will kill each other.  Walking out of the office, Teresa tells her brother she knew everything the doctor was telling them. 

Still in the hallway of the doctor’s office, the two argue about a tabloid story.  Joe is upset about a story that says he sold his parent’s house for money.  The two start cursing at each other and yelling about money.  What happened to walking away? It seems the past is going to be hard to keep in the past.

What did you think of tonight’s RHONJ episode?  Are you tired of Teresa’s family problems?  Let us know what you think, leave a comment below.

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Photo and Video Credit: Bravo

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3 Responses to “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Forget The Past, For Now”

  1. J P Says:
    July 1st, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    Am tired of watching the Teresa thing. She will never admit her wrongs. Do not want to keep watching a person lie so obviously.

  2. Lilly Says:
    July 2nd, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    How can Teresa continue to have fans? I swear there are plenty of people now hating on Jacqueline and Caroline. I mean Caroline is annoying and negative but Jacqueline is just caring.

  3. EnuffcrAp Says:
    July 3rd, 2012 at 9:17 am

    WE have ENUFF of this crAp deluging the TV air waves. Thank goodness I’m one that won’t ever, ever BUY any products any of these stupid gurlz are vending!!
    -the guidice : Everything about them is FRAUD, IMITATED, SHAM & STUPID.


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