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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Kimmie Raps, Yo!

July 02, 2012 10:00 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on Fox‘s Hell’s Kitchen, the women on the red team managed to find their inner “adult.” They worked together as a team to complete not only their own dinner service but also the blue team’s dinner service. Tonight on Hell’s Kitchen, the majority of the women fight, whine, and cry… and we haven’t even seen the dinner service yet. How are any of these people are qualified to work for Gordon Ramsay? Their behaviors are unreal (albeit, awesomely entertaining). Keep reading for all the ridiculous details.

Where to begin?  This episode brought us the stench of second-hand smoke, a rapping Kimmie, a crying Kimmie, a Robyn just being Robyn, a childish Tiffany, and a massive side of beef.  With a side dish of Clemenza’s sweat.

Immediately following last week’s dinner service, Kimmie wakes up with a brilliant idea to boost everyone’s morale.  She decides to reveal a little secret about herself – she is a rapper.  Yes, the white girl from Nutbush raps. Her housemates are not impressed by her rhyme. It’s safe to say, Eminem she is not. Note to Kimmie – do not quit your day job.  Or, better yet, hope you have a plan C.

Moving right along, thankfully, Gordon Ramsay introduces this week’s theme and challenge.  It’s steak night!  Seeing as how the prize at the end of this competition is a head chef position at Ramsay’s own Gordon Ramsay Steak in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, the pressure is on.  Can I have your attention please? If you’re just imitating and you cannot properly cook a steak, please stand up, please stand up.

Sorry, caught the Eminem fever.

Ramsay is hiding a slot machine under a sheet. The slots will reveal their ingredients for the challenge, a type of steak and four complementary ingredients.

Since the red team outnumbers the blue team by one, the women must choose one person to sit out.  Only five dishes from each team will go head to head in the challenge.  Naturally, the women calmly and collectively reach a decision… that’s a lie. They cannot even agree on who will sit back and relax for the night.  Dana rubs Kimmie the wrong way when she suggests that she and Christina need to be cooking if they want to win.  Kimmie then decides to sit this one out.

Royce realizes he’s being paired with Christina again.  He’s still bitter about her dish beating his dish last week, so he vows to not stop until she cries. Because Royce is sweet like that.

Tiffany and Justin spin beets.  No rap pun intended.  They really get beets as one of their ingredients.  I’m super disappointed in the producers for not making sure Robyn gets beets after her meltdown last week. I want to whisper beets in her ear all day and night to get under her skin.  ”Beets, beets, beets.”

Ramsay throws a twist at Kimmie.  Not only will Kimmie still be preparing a steak dish, she will get the chance to challenge one of her own teammates.  She chooses Robyn.  Robyn takes it well.  (not really)  Robyn and Kimmie will each prepare their own dish using the same ingredients. The team will vote on whose dish goes up to Ramsay for the head-to-head challenge.

One of the ingredients on Kimmie’s list is parsnips.  She says, “I don’t know what parsnips are, so I decided to fry them.  When in doubt, you fry s*#t.”  Second note to Kimmie, if you don’t know what parsnips are, go directly to plan C.

At the end of the thirty minutes, Clemenza is sweating up a storm. Literally and figuratively.  Because he moves like a snail, his timing is off. He’s worried his steak is still going to be raw.  Meanwhile, in the red kitchen, the team decides to plate Robyn’s coffee-crusted steak dish over Kimmie’s deep fat fried everything dish.  Kimmie cries.  Also, since this show is becoming incredibly predictable, this totally means Robyn’s dish is going to win or lose the challenge for the red team.

In a nutshell, Justin beats Tiffany, Christina beats Royce again, Dana and Patrick both mess up, and Barbie and Brian both impress Ramsay.  As predicted, it all comes down to Robyn and Clemenza.  Ramsay says while Clemenza’s meat is slightly undercooked, it’s hardly raw.  On the flip side, Robyn’s meat is overcooked.  Not only that, the rub is dreadfully disgusting. Clemenza’s dish wins it for the blue team.  Just for fun and drama’s sake, Ramsay tastes Kimmie’s dish.  It’s delicious.  Robyn acts like a child.

The losing team has to carry half of a cow from a truck outside into the kitchen inside. “Me and Clemenza could have laid down next to each other and still not have been as big as this piece of meat,” says Kimmie.

Robyn and Kimmie continue to be at odds.  Kimmie even annoys Robyn whiles she’s sleeping, which leads Robyn to switch bedrooms in the middle of the night.  Robyn says, “I’m not in a happy mood right now.”  She says “now,” as if she’s regularly in a happy mood. The other women are not happy that Robyn moved to their bedroom because apparently her negativity tried to smother them in their sleep.

The teams start prepping for dinner service.  Continuing this week’s theme, Barbie and Tiffany fight over onions.  Tiffany blows her top and threatens violence anytime she’s questioned or challenged.

Ramsay enters the kitchen to set the stage for the evening.  It’s steak night and family night.  Ramsay stresses the importance of timing when there’s a dining room full of hungry kids.  Do not keep the famished kids waiting… or they’ll act like the red team.

Suddenly, Kimmie burns her hand so badly she needs to be seen by a medic.  Will Kimmie be able to complete dinner service?

Tune in to Hell’s Kitchen tomorrow for the dramatic conclusion.The Robyn and Kimmie feud continues.  Patrick makes a huge blunder in the kitchen. His mistake reduces him to tears and gets him kicked out.  Then, completely out of character (ha!), Tiffany loses her patience and flips out on someone. Robyn and Kimmie fight more.  And, by chance, maybe some steaks will be prepared and served. Maybe.

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