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MasterChef Recap: Gordon Ramsay Truckin’ Along

July 02, 2012 10:31 PM by Gina Hall

Tonight the MasterChef contestants take on the latest food craze, the food truck with Chef Gordon Ramsay. Considering that nowadays many a culinary newcomer has to prove himself or herself on a food truck prior to opening a restaurant, it’s the perfect challenge for these home cooks. Let’s see how they handle.

Those who still have aprons on MasterChef find themselves working three separate food trucks in Venice Beach, California. A beach town in California may seem like a laid back place, but these people take their food trucks very seriously. This is the home of Roy Choi, after all.

The MasterChef contestants are divided into three teams representing “regional cuisines” and will compete to make the most money this evening. For anyone not familiar with working in a food truck, it’s a small kitchen that needs to move fast. There’s usually a line of people waiting for food and dishes need to be cranked out fresh, fast and creatively. This isn’t just fast food. It’s a place where some of the most creative chefs are proving themselves in order to have a shot at opening a restaurant. The best food trucks have huge Twitter followings and legions of fans.

Stacey was last weeks winner so she choose her teammates:  Tali, Frank and Becky. They will make up the Red team. They’re assigned Mexican food. Stacey is also gets to choose the other teams. She puts Monti, David Martinez, Anna and Tanya on the Yellow team. They will serve American food. Josh, Christine, Mike and Felix will make up the Blue team and serve Indian food.

The Yellow team decides to go with Texas BBQ burgers. They’re late starting to serve, 15 minutes late actually. They have quite a few issues, especially with under-cooked burgers. Red team serves steak tacos, a great food truck choice. Stacey takes to the beach to alert beach-goers to their stand. Blue team decides on Chicken Tikka Masala sells very as well, and customers really like the taste

The money is totaled and Red comes in first! Steak tacos are the clear winner this time. The Blue team comes in second. Apparently the undercooked Texas BBQ burgers weren’t a hit. Who knew? The  Yellow team will face the pressure test!

The pressure test turns out to be the difficult and demanding dish — Tortellini. Anna is the first one up. She presents what the judges describe as “raw pasta.” Not a good sign.  Monti is up next and make a middling Tortellini presentation. The star of the night, though, is David who presents a perfect Tortellini. The other homecooks poked fun at his “fat fingers,” but his Tortellini is stunning. Tanya, like Anna, winds up with a messy and ugly pasta shape. The judges deliberate and it’s decided that Anna clearly needs to be eliminated. She is sent home and back to the husband she auditioned with.

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Photo Credit: FOX

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