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The Bachelorette Recap: Hometown Heartbreak

July 02, 2012 07:23 PM by Shayla Perry

After traveling the world with her bachelors, it’s finally time for Emily Maynard to meet the families of her remaining four suitors on the hometown dates. Who gets sent home and which bachelor is ready to propose? All the details from tonight’s episode of ABC‘s The Bachelorette after the jump.

First up, Chris Bukowski‘s hometown — Chicago, Illinois. It’s the first time the two have seen each other since the rose ceremony in Prague, so…yeah — awkward!  But, always the sweetheart, Chris apologizes to Emily for making things weird, then preps her for the big interrogation meet & greet with his family.

After dinner with the fam, Chris’ father pulls Emily aside so the two can chat in private. Chris’ dad is concerned about his son’s feelings, while Emily’s concern, of course, is whether or not Chris will be a good father for Ricki.

Chris’ sister, Renee, isn’t as warm and fuzzy as the other family members. She doesn’t want to see her brother get hurt, so she let’s Emily know, if he’s not the one, end it sooner, rather than later; don’t drag it out.

Chris decides that it’s the right time to tell Emily that he loves her. Emily immediately gives him a kiss. But that doesn’t exactly count as saying, “I love you, too.”

Next is Jef Holm in St. George, Utah at his family’s ranch — Holmstead. It’s a surprise for Emily, who thought that Jef was a city-boy at heart. Turns out, he’s a little bit country!

Emily has a surprise of her own though. Who knew that she was so good with a gun?!

She may be comfortable pulling a trigger, but Emily is REALLY nervous about meeting Jef’s family; especially since she knows that he broke up with a girl in the past because his family didn’t approve. No pressure.

Luckily, his parents are out of town, so that’s two less people that she’ll have to impress…this time.

Instead, it’s Jef’s older brother and six thousand sisters who are asking all the questions. And yes…they also ask if Emily’s falling in love with Jef, but she’s hesitant to use the l-word.

The family loves her, and she really does look as though she fits right in. Could these be her future in-laws?!

Later, Jef reads a list of all of the things he loves about Emily and that he’s looking forward to doing with her and Ricki, and when talking to the camera, Miss I Don’t Like To Throw Out The Word Love actually says that there are “so many things” that she LOVES about Jef.

So, that’s 2 “I love you’s” …. Will Arie Luyendyk, Jr. make it 3 for 3?

Looking “stupid hot” in his racing gear, Arie takes Emily for a ride in his Indy car. But he’s worried about her meeting his “very European” family; hence the alcohol.

It’s not long into their meeting that Arie and his mother start speaking in Dutch, which makes things really strange. Even more strange — his mom taking Emily aside to ask her what happened with Brad Womack and why they didn’t end up together.

Emily’s able to ease the tension (slightly), by telling Arie’s mother that there’s so much she loves about him (there’s that word again), and of course, his parents end up approving of her.

He doesn’t tell her that he loves her this time, but Arie is definitely ready to get down on one knee and propose to Emily.

Dallas, Texas is Emily’s next stop, where she meets up with Sean Lowe. Even the guy’s dogs are perfect. But is it all a little too perfect?

When he tells Emily that he still lives at his parents’ house and shows her a room filled with stuffed animals and cookie crumbs, we get a little relieved that we know who’s going to be in the final three. But, as it turns out, he doesn’t live there, so…it’s still a tough decision.

In Beverly Hills, Emily makes the call on who’s getting sent back to their families based on her feelings about her relationship with each of the guys.

Not surprisingly, Arie and Jef are the first to get roses, but it’s Sean that receives the final one, not Chris.

Were you shocked by Emily’s decision? Do you think she sent home the right guy? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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