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The Real Housewives Of New York City Recap: The Cool Girls Versus Ramona

July 02, 2012 07:19 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of New York City is all new tonight on Bravo. Will Ramona make Heather regret not inviting her to London? Keep reading to find out which housewife tries to play mediator on tonight’s RHONY.

Heather and Aviva meet up in the park for some girl chat.  Aviva mentions that she really wants to go to London with the “cool girls”. Plus, Aviva wants to make certain that Heather knows that just because she is staying in NY it doesn’t mean she is siding with Ramona.  Aviva is kissing Heather’s butt like she is the leader of the popular girls.  When Aviva tries to defend Ramona, Heather doesn’t want to deal with it.  “I just want to leave the bullshit behind,” Heather replies.  But in Heather’s interview with the camera she feels Ramona would be a liability around her international co-workers.  Then Heather slams Aviva implying she wouldn’t understand because she is a stay-at-home mommy.  All Aviva’s talk about Ramona makes Heather wonder when the two gals became such BFFs.  “When did Aviva crawl so far up Ramona’s ass?  Don’t go there, it’s not nice it’s dark and it’s not good,” Heather tells the cameras.  I think she might have added a “hollar” in there too. I wonder if she cringes watching herself talk on TV?

At 47 LuAnn is trying to get pregnant, but she needs some help.  Shocker! Even the acupuncturist doesn’t give LuAnn much hope, telling her she should get a donor egg.  What? And not pass down the Countess gene?  We watch as LuAnn gets poked with pins in her ovaries in a candlelit room. 

The leader of the mean girls shows off her softer side with her son.  Heather’s son, Jake, had a liver transplant that saved his life when he was an infant.  Now Jake has frequent visits to the doctor’s office, but is overall a normal boy.  Since her son received an organ, Heather is very active in promoting organ donation. 

Aviva goes out to dinner with Sonja and has the same conversation she had with Heather.  Aviva wants to go to London with the cool girls, she feels bad for Ramona, blah blah blah.  ”I can’t make people want her around if they don’t want her around,” Sonja says about Ramona.  Sonja sums it up by saying not everyone is invited to the birthday party! Then Aviva throws Sonja a bone and hires her to plan her anniversary party.

Sonja is busy running her toaster oven empire house with her four unpaid interns.  “It’s the Sonja Morgan school of hard knocks,” Sonja admits.  The interns hang out with Sonja as she is in her pajamas and drinks tea.  It’s more like Sonja just needs to have people around her, so she isn’t lonely.  Plus, the interns fetch her mail and vitamins for her.

Before all the girls head shopping downtown, Ramona meets Carole for some drinks to debrief about the whole Heather drama.  “I wouldn’t escalate it,” Carole advises Ramona.  Do you know Ramona at all?  The crazy eyes come out and Ramona goes off!  Just to change the subject, Carole tells Ramona about her princess status.  Ramona is psyched that a princess title trumps the countess title.

All the girls gather at Heather’s friends clothing store.  It’s all kisses and hugs until Heather tells the owner of the store to give Ramona a makeover.  The remainder of the shopping trip goes downhill.  Finally Heather and Ramona take a break from shopping to have a chat.  Ramona mentions that Aviva told her that she hurt Heather’s feeling with the whole “talk too much comment.”  Right away, Heather denies her feelings were hurt and gets defensive.  So Heather calls Aviva over and throws her under the bus.  Heather says that she doesn’t have a problem with Ramona, but she just wants the trip to be “easy.”  

While all the other girls are shopping, Carole is busy on the phone getting a TV pilot for her new book.  Carole announces the good news and all the girls are thrilled for her.  Then Ramona has to steal the thunder by telling everyone she got her Pinot into Target.

There was no resolution between Ramona and Heather in tonight’s episode.   Will these two stubborn blondes ever get along?  Is Heather a mean girl?  Let us know what you think, leave a comment below. 

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