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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Steak Night Ends With A Shocking Elimination

July 03, 2012 09:00 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last night on FOX‘s Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay prepped the teams for steak night. The eleven chefs who remain are competing for a head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas. Steak night should be a big deal. One would expect two kitchens full of serious and focused chefs hoping to impress Gordon Ramsay.  Read on to find out how it actually goes down.

What actually happens on steak night looks like an audition for Bad Girls Club.  Bad Girls acting like jerks, yes.  Successful night in Hell’s Kitchen, not so much.

The continuation from last night starts off with Kimmie returning to dinner service after burning her hand. Most of her team is supportive, calling her a trooper.  Robyn, on the other hand, calls her a big crybaby.  Robyn and Kimmie, former BFFs, have been at odds with each other for a few episodes now. Last night, Kimmie made a split second decision to challenge Robyn’s steak dish. The drama that ensued has been 50 shades of batsh*t crazy.

Not only is it steak night at Hell’s Kitchen, it’s also family night.  The dining room is packed full of kids and there’s a special children’s menu.  To kick off family night, the kids are all treated to a special pizza appetizer. Clemenza reminds us that he grew up in pizza shops – he has this in the bag!  The kids on blue’s side of the dining room are happily enjoying their pizzas. Unfortunate for the kids on the red side, Tiffany is in charge of pizza. Tiffany can’t be bothered to care.  As a general rule, she hates kids and doesn’t value their opinions. Barbie invades Tiffany’s station to finish the pizza.  Tiffany appreciates the help gets angry.

Brian and Tiffany both mess up the blini. Once again, Barbie steps in to complete Tiffany’s order.  Barbie is disgusted by Tiffany’s flippant attitude. Tiffany obviously doesn’t care about the competition or Hell’s Kitchen. The only thing Tiffany has a passion for is her cigarettes, says Barbie. Three points for Barbie!

Patrick and the “rolls royce of steak” Royce are both kicked out of the kitchen for making mistakes.  Clemenza, Brian, and Justin pick up the pieces for the blue team.

Barbie and Tiffany and Kimmie and Robyn fight constantly.  Ramsay orders the blue team to help the red team gets their stuff together.  The presence of the blue team just fuels their fire.  Ramsay finally reaches a breaking point, and the entire red team gets kicked out of the kitchen. Their fighting just gets worse in the dorm.

Clemenza, Brian, and Justin complete the dinner service for both teams.

Ramsay calls everyone back to the kitchen. He says, “Ridiculous!  The valets outside show more passion than you chefs!” Ramsay says both teams lose.  I’m kind of surprised by this.  Clemenza, Brian, and Justin deserve the win.

Obviously, the blue teams nominates Royce and Patrick.  The red team nominates Tiffany and Robyn. Each chef pleads their case.

Royce is a fighter.  He’s been kicked, beaten, and stabbed (huh?), but he keeps coming back for more.

Patrick is a professional.  He’s rusty but will continue to push through.

Robyn has more fight left!  (no doubt)  Too often, Robyn sacrifices her own standards to save Kimmie.  (Kimmie loves this one!)  Robyn wants to be on the blue team.  She doesn’t play well with girls.

Tiffany defense is – she’s tired of the cattiness.  She accepts no responsibility, ever.  Barbie speaks up.  She says Tiffany does not care about standards, technique, service, or professionalism.  Tiffany fires back, saying Barbie is the weakest link on the red team because she cannot run a station by herself. A weak argument considering Barbie is responsible for picking up Tiffany’s slack twice tonight.

From this point on, not much makes sense!

Patrick and Royce both messed up tonight.  And, all season, Patrick has been a poor leader and Royce has been beyond annoying. However, neither Robyn nor Tiffany deserve to be in Hell’s Kitchen. Effectively immediately.  If I were Ramsay, I’d be embarrassed by their behaviors. (Kimmie, too)

Ramsay orders Royce and Tiffany back in line. Patrick leaves. Robyn gets her wish to join the blue team.

What just happened?  Robyn and Tiffany are safe!?

Robyn joins the blue team with a burning hate for the red team and something to prove, says Clemenza.  That’s a great observation.  Will Robyn’s move mean great things for the blue team?  Or will the red team work better together with one less unstable person in the mix?

Next week promises to be the most unpredictable Hell’s Kitchen ever.

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3 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Steak Night Ends With A Shocking Elimination”

  1. Anthony Says:
    July 3rd, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    Personally, if I was Chef Ramsay, I would’ve eliminated both Patrick and Tiffany. She is hands dpwn the worst chef still in Hell’s Kitchen, and she blames everyone but herself. As for Robyn, we’ll see how she does on the blue team. If she still sucks, then she will go home. Roshni proved that (although when Roshni left, I think Patrick should’ve left instead, Roshni probably would’ve done better tonight).

  2. Teresae Says:
    July 6th, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    I agree. Robyn and Tiffany (mostly Tiffany)should have been eliminated. Then again maybe it will be their turn to get eliminated in the next few weeks. I’m hoping that there is a method Ramsay’s madness.

  3. Mick Says:
    July 12th, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Of course Ramsay has a method!


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