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MasterChef Castoff Anna Trained With A Microwave

July 03, 2012 05:00 PM by Gina Hall

The other half of the alliterative cooking couple of A.J. and Anna was eliminated from MasterChef over Tortellini last night. What does she have to say about the show and Chef Gordon Ramsay? Read more in her exclusive interview with Reality TV Magazine.

For Anna Rossi, “cooking food had been such a part of my life. Food is something A.J. and I share.” So when MasterChef auditions came to Le Cordon Bleu in Cambridge, Anna leapt at the opportunity.

“I decided we would try out together,” Anna laughed when asked if which half of the couple motivated the other to try out for MasterChef. “When I read the audition announcement and contestant description, I thought: This is me! But the odds — I never thought we’d get the call, especially two of us from the same household.”

For the top 100 audition, each home cook prepares their dish in 60 minutes. “I trained with the microwave timer! But looking back I should have trained to make the dish in 30 minutes because the time just flew by…The top 100 was so much more intense than I imagined. You have the cameras and the crowd. And there’s no room for error…the judges know their stuff.”

Anna’s White Clam Pizza and Bloody Caesar Cocktail were obviously a hit and she received an apron along with her husband A.J. While A.J. was eliminated early, Anna soldiered on.

For Anna, the highlight of the challenges was when Joe told her that her Molten Lava Cake was good enough to be served in his restaurants. She was also very impressed with Chef Ramsay and how he operated on such a high-energy level and had so much knowledge at his fingertips.

As for the elimination? “It was a very long day,” Anna sighed. “It began with the food truck and I didn’t have as firm a hand as I should have on the situation. I delegated. Going into the pressure test, I was a little rocky from the food truck…and then you add dough. It’s so responsive to how you handle it. And in the end, I just wasn’t able to boil water. Funny for a MasterChef.”

What’s next for this half of the cooking couple? “I’ve started a blog that’s a labor of love. And that’s becoming a foundation for my catering company. I’ve got a couple of gigs booked for this summer. The show was a launch pad. And A.J. is so supportive.” Good luck, Anna!

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